26 April 2009

wonder-style OR style that makes you wonder, depending on what you think about it

fashion confession:
(& i use the term fashion loosely)
sometimes when something i'm wearing feels like it needs something extra
(going for the 'how many times can you use 'some' in a sentence' record)
i just add some of my crafty supplies to it...
the great thing about this is
that if you have a good stash of supplies
you can get pretty much any color combo you want...

this morning i went for rick rack
but i've also done this with ribbon & fabric strips...
it's easy & adds that little quirky pop
i'm always striving for...


ps i apologize for not photoshopping out
the little wound i sustained from breaking in
a new (to me!) pair of cute sandles...
it was totally worth it
& i will share them in the next installment of wonder finds...
reminds me of this:

Cher's dad: What did you do at school today?
Cher: I broke in my purple clogs.
from clueless
(one of my favorite movies
& paul rudds first big part
in case you were wondering...
he was so good on friends too!
when he pretends to play the piano for phoebe!
so funny...)

see you on the flip flop


Emily said...

Did you put your cute comforter find on the floor just to have a smashing background for your flip flop picture? INGENIOUS!

jmbmommy said...

I love the rick rack! What a grand idea...go read my blog for some exciting news! Hee hee

Anonymous said...

So 2 things disturb me...you're standing on your bed and wearing a skirt!!!! :) very cute idea! erin

Anna said...

anything with rick rack added to it is so much cuter, plus its fun to say. i just wanted to add that it was so nice to see you last week...i know how busy you are and it is just so nice to see a familiar and smiling face in our old hometown! your kids are delightful and quinn was so polite! thanks for making time to hang out with us!

emilyruth said...

ha ha funny girls:)

i did indeed put my comforter on the floor
i was indeed wearing a skirt...
i just do that sometimes :)

Anonymous said...

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