13 April 2009

paint the town fun...

have i told you about the girls i get to hang out with every week?
6 girls from church
& we meet
& talk
& pray
& sing
& laugh
& sob
& vent
& advise
& complain
& empathize
& sometimes we just play...

a few weeks ago
play was on the menu

i got to be the planner
& i never take that job lightly

so we met at the mall
by the movie theater
(rule #1 throw them off)
& i gave each girlie an envelope
with an assignment
(we were minus one friend for a while...
& plus one amazingly cute & go with the flow baby
sweet simon:)

but we had to start off right
so first assignment...
it took us a couple to get with the program
& even then
goofy goo...
oh how i love it!

second assignment...
go to the book store & find a book for each girl
with her name on the cover
(in the title or as the author)
& have each girl take a picture with their book...
dawn's book was called
'dawn's awakening'
oo la la :)

third assignment...
use the ipod to dedicate a song to each girl
(it was my ipod
so she had to go with my weirdo mix of stuff
but she did good:)
michele: dancing queen by abba
emily h: good vibrations by the beach boys
breanna: my humps by fergi
emily g: every little thing she does is magic by the police
& for janna:
& we couldn't let miss dawn off the hook
so she got
sexy back by justin timberlake
very spiritual choices i know...
don't tell pastor gordon

then we were feeling like a part of us was missing
so we went to see michele
as she was having dinner with her cute family
(have i mentioned she is the mom of 8?
mind boggling eh?)

assignment four:
choreograph a dance for all of the girls
to perform

beautiful & graceful
in the applebees lobby...assignment five:
emily h
take this $5
(included in the envelope)
go to a convenience store
& choose a candy that represents each for girls personality

(the lighting in the dairy mart parking lot was bad
so i don't have great pics of the candy)

assignment six:
(this is the only assignment i took a picture of...)
work it girls...
strike a pose...

assignment seven:
emily g (that's me)
as you travel around the city
take a picture of each girl by a sign with the first letter of their name
(i did this once with a friend
& it was so fun
but target
ah target
they have the best signs
so i changed my assignment
cause i can do that
i'm the boss here...
tonight, anyway)& so there we have it
girlie girls
friends for life
always up for a little spontaneous fun...
(those little mini cuties are three of michele's girlies :)
& the night
if i may sum it up
in a sign...

ps everyone also had to get the signature of random people
(dawn grabbed the notebook & asked some people at the mall
just like that)
or people who helped
with an assignment
(breanna's friend the barnes & noble guy :)
so that was fun too
& now we have 6 random signatures
who knows
maybe the person who witnessed our
dance in applebees will become famous some day...



Dawnslivn4Jesus said...

I love love love you!!!!!!!!!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh. What a fun night! You are so creative and whimsical... and how great to have a crew of girlfriends who will just jump right in with you! Glad you had such a great time.

Shari said...

Emily...you are so cool! What a fun time...i can't wait to do something like that with my girlfriends...i'm G.N.O.-lifting! That's right, I admit it

the path said...

Emily that sounded so much fun! You are such a creative person. I love you. : ]

-holly gibson