01 April 2009

just deal.

i finally figured out
why working & being a part of this little (not really itty bitty)
sale is so fun for me...
it fulfills all of my shop owning fantasies
with pretty much none of the negatives that
come with actually owning a shop...

good stuff about a shop
~finding things i think other people will like*
~making tags & pricing stuff
~working with nice people
~figuring out how to let other people know about it
(officially called marketing)

good stuff about this shop in particular:
~i don't actually own it
or have much of any financial investment
~it's only one week every six months
~i get to look through other people's stuff
~great prices
~a nice check in the mail in a few weeks

*i am doing a little experiment...
if i see something great at goodwill
(hanna andersson jammies, for example)
& it's a good price
($1.99, for example)
i'll buy them
& then sell them for a profit
(i'll let you know what the profit is if there is one)
this mixes
the thrill of the hunt
with saving money
& making money...
perfect combo!
if it works that is...

oh & no mention of goodwill would be complete without
this story:
once upon a time
a girl's sister visited their parents
bringing along her adorable twins.
the dad & step-mom of the sisters
offered to watch the twins
& the girl's husband was on spring break
so her little elves were in good hands too.
the sister wanted to go to the wonderous land
of goodwillville
& see what the girl had been bragging about on her blog.
could it be true?
were there deals to be had?
& so the sisters set off
elf free, with money in their pockets.
after visits to a cute little consignment shop
(where the sister got a bumbo with tray for $20)
& a smaller goodwill
(tiny carhart overalls to match daddy's..
now she needs to find another pair
for the cutest photo op ever)
they set off
in search of the great deals
that can only be found at the goodwill super store
(i don't actually believe that
great deals are what you make of them
or what you think is a great deal for you
but it sounds good in the story...)
they shopped around
& the sister
(shall we just give up the charade & call her kate already?)
kate found some things she was looking for
pants for the boys (some 69 cents, some $1.29)
ralph lauren shirts for ryan ($3.50)
a hook-to-a-chair high chair ($3.99)
the girl (let's call her me)
found those aforementioned
hanna andersson jammies
& some awesome UofO shorts for my boy elf
(we all know his name is Q
but it's nice to have an elf or two in a fairy tale...
that is not really a fairy tale at all
but completely & totally true)
so we were standing in line
& i noticed the lady two people in front of us
was holding a doll
i looked a little closer & it was an american girl doll
& i was like
(loud whisper & elbow to the ribs)
'kate! that's an american girl doll!'
so kate
in her stealth ways says
'i'll walk over & see if i can see the price'
so nonchalantly she walks near the lady
looks at the price
& stage whispers
'it's $2.99'
i can hardly speak!
i couldn't hold it in
i said to the lady
'that's a great find!'
& she (glowing) said
'i just got back from the american girl store in new york'
so i said it was meant to be
(though now that i think about it
if she was going to the american girl store in new york
she probably already has one or five
& what about my little miss m?
poor sad girl with only a bitty baby (thank you great grandma!)
& 15 other kinds of dolls?
poor poor thing...)
the funniest part was
after she paid
the clerk asked if she wanted a bag
& she said
& got out of there as fast as she could
to me that NO='no thanks i need to get outside & do cartwheels in the street'
but other people i have relayed this story to
thought she was afraid that someone from goodwill would
realize the deal she got
& make her pay $20 or something...
perhaps because the lady two people behind her
with only her piddly little hanna andersson jammies
was making a big deal about the doll...
the best deal of the day
was not mine or kates
(& the only reason i wasn't so sad that it wasn't me
was because i never look at the dolls at goodwill
because of the aforementioned
(i've used that word twice in one post
big word points for me!)
16 dolls that already reside in our home...)
but i have to say
just seeing someone get a great deal
is almost as fun as getting it yourself...
almost :)

& so
if you are in eugene
or lane county
(or are on a deadline to use up your air miles
throw away your brochures for hawaii
& come to eugene
we have an airport!)
come on over to the itty bitty sale
& see a happy me
enjoying all the benefits
& none of the negatives...
unless those jammies don't sell
then i'm going to be so mad...

itty bitty sale
beacon house
90980 river road, eugene

thursday april 2 8am-7pm
friday april 3 8am-5pm

everything is half price:
saturday april 4 8am-1pm



Emily said...

Emily, I think that if you were not in Eugene, and I was not in Everett, we would be chums. I love your whimsy and the fact that you refer to your children as "elves." Why didn't I think of that?!

Anyhow, good luck with the sale. Sorry to say, I won't be attending, but it looks like fun!!

jmbmommy said...

I think I found the matchers to your pjs....I found these NEW NEW umbrella ones....so cute. 1.99...what a deal!