04 May 2009

Q & e

so i really did finish the little table on friday!
don't get in the way of a girl & her paint
(if there is enough time & sun & the kiddos are playing happily nearby...)
& paint was my original idea
then i wondered about sharpies
& considering that we got this table just before
someone was taking it to goodwill
i decided to try it...
i love sharpies
almost every holiday brian gives me a set with all of the new colors...
love love love!

the benefit to using sharpies is that they dry instantly
so i didn't have to say
'oh! don't touch that!'
or 'ugh. now i need to redo that part'

we had fun
it was a team effort Q & i:)

first i did the top
Q requested rockets
so stars & rockets it was...
the downfall of having an instant gratification personality
(besides the obvious: weight gain, empty wallet & no fingernails)
is that i get an idea
& i just want to do it
don't bother me with the facts!
so instead of taking the time to sand off the stickers
that were on the top of the table
i just painted right over them
& already they are starting to show themselves...
oh well
it's a desk for a 5 year old
it was going to get dinged & chipped anyway...
(another sign of instant gratification personality:
excuses why what i did was really okay)

then i asked him what we should do on the sides
& he said 'Q's!'
& so we each took a side...
Q's by Q

Q's by me
(blurrrrrrry)then Q pooped out so
i worked on the other sides
& did more what i had been picturing in the beginning...

& even though it's different than my original idea
i am so happy that Q & i got to be creative together...
he's a fun one!

here's to things not going the way you planned
& ending up much better...
(guest smiley by Q)


jmbmommy said...

very very nice! I like how you just get in there and go with gusto!

jmbmommy said...
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