25 April 2009

quackin' up...

so i have established before that i am a fan of the University of Oregon
& not just a 'go ducks' fan
a 'i love the ducks & if you don't that's fine but don't
make fun of me or ever ever suggest that UofO & OSU
can get along on the football field' kind of fan
& thankfully i have friends who feel the same
(except for erin
i can't even tell you what team shirts she has
fraternizing around her house
i blame this on the fact that she used to live in california
i don't know why this matters
but it's as good a reason as any:)
so anyway
one lovely evening
the four of us
duck fans & bff's
found ourselves at the oregon duck women's football clinic

i love this picture...
angie's story was INCREDIBLE!
you can tell by the look on rachael's face :)not a great picture
but i love it:)
the Uof O is near & dear to the heart of a certain
shoe company's founder
& therefore the locker room/trainer's area/weight room/gym
is crazy amazing...
i love this wall with the coaches signatures on it
who doesn't want a picture by the bathroom sign
(it says women of oregon
& that we are:)
ginormous shoes :)
countdown to kick off...love me those blurry pictures...

running plays with coaches...taking pictures with former players...

meeting the new head coach..
such a fun night
& better than we even imagined...
totally worth doing if you are a girlie duck fan!

go ducks!


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Angie said...

I just wandered over here after a few weeks of not checking in with you and your blog. Love the pics. Thanks for taking them/being there/going with me. :)