29 August 2006

boys are cool:)

our little neighbor boy, gavin
has been hanging out with us
for the last two weeks until school starts
he is 4
& let me tell you
sometimes the difference between 2 & 4
is nothing at all
(when it has to do with throwing things & driving trucks)
& sometimes they might as well be 10 years apart
(when Q wants to play with anything gav has & vice versa)

so i know
someday Q will find out about guns
& knives
& machetteys (ooh spell check? grandma? anyone?)
& grenades
& dying
& basically anything you might see on an episode of 24
but it would be nice
if we could hold off
until he’s at least two & a half
or fourteen
(a mother can dream)

so last week when they were jumping on Q’s bed
(a completely okay thing with me
heck if there was a guarantee
that i wouldn’t go crashing through the floor
i would be doing it myself)
& gavin fell down on the bed & said
‘i’m dead’
i thought
‘oh no! here we go…’
but i was overjoyed when out of my little innocent cuties mouth came
‘i dude’

yes you are..
the cutest dude i know



rach said...

ah the innocent years - so short!
clara obsesses about death sometimes because she always wants to know about jake's and my grandparents and we have to go into the whole subject and she can't get past it - "i don't want to die when i get old, i want to stay here!"


He will learn all about it soon enough. Luckily for him it will mean everyone there gets huge hugs from Gramma Susan!

Kel said...

That's what is so hard about having boys!!! The whole fighting death crashing throwing thing. I know we don't need to glorify it all but it's interesting how it is engrained into every boy. But it's scary to a mama!!!!! Kind of like jumping on the bed. I stuck my teeth through my tongue when I was two and jumping on the bed...but I still let oli do it. =)

Anna said...

We just change the words kind of like in the Bible Abraham "lay" with Sarah, bad guys just "sleep" when they are "knocked down" (not killed) by "shooters" instead of guns etc. etc. But really, who am I kidding! So far if someone or something dies, we just "have to get a new one!" (quote Ben).

jmbmommy said...

those boys are cute! Yes, the "knowledge" learned, mostly in new and "exciting" vocabulary between 2 and 4 is AMAZING!! Sometimes I just want my boy to grow backwards....(not really) (but where does the talk of swords come from, these are not the middle ages and I threw all of Matt's tiny lego swords away...WHY?)