28 August 2006

and the winner is...

they can't actually say that any more you know?
they have to say
'& the emmy (oscar, tony, backyard junior theater award made of tinfoil) goes to..'
musn't make anyone feel bad
there are no losers...

did i mention that i LOVE award shows?
i'll watch anything
whether or not i even know what it is
it's a good thing we don't have cable
or i would be watching
'the golden hammer awards
for excellence in home repair'
'the silver scissors awards
gong above & beyond in the catagories of hair styling'

i loved everything about the emmy's last night
from the red carpet
(did you see candace bergins disaster of an outfit?
& julia loise dryfus's awesome black & white dress?)
to the opening
(pure genius to have conan drop through the 'lost' hatch onto dwights desk on 'the office'
pure pure genius)

from the great awards
(magan mullally choked up over her last award for 'will & grace')
to the boring awards
(sound editing anyone?)

from sweet tributes
(dick clark had me teary...)
to other sweet tributes
(arron spelling's wife was really hard to watch i must say
not that she wasn't sad or anything
but from what i've read in the very reputable US magazine
she is not a nice person
& may have a had a boyfriend before poor arron was even dead
plus she's mean to tory...
poor, sad
trillion dollar tory)

from cool entrances
(the original charlies angels..
excuse me
but is farrah faucet creepy or what?
everytime i see her
she seems to tripping on something
that makes you slur your words,
touch everyone around you entirely too much,
& wear really tight badly constructed dresses...
okay now i feel a bit bad
maybe she does have a disorder or a disease something?
i don't want to be coming down too hard on
72 year old sex symbols...)
to more cool entrances
(introducing the lawyers who count to ballots
like basketball stars
with kareem abdul jabbar..

from every conan joke
(i love conan
we go way back
to when Q was tiny
& would eat for 45 minutes a pop
at least twice a night
i would take him downstairs to the futon
(no we were not in college when he was born...why do you ask?)
& watch conan on the live(?) broadcast at 1am
& then again on replays at 3am
i also developed a tiny crush
on one of the reporters on the abc all night news
i can't remember his name right now
but when he moved on to bigger & better things
Q magically started to sleep throught the night
to every poorly read teleprompter joke
(why do i always feel so bad for the actors
when 'their' joke doesn't get a laugh?
they didn't write it!
they are forced by the man
to skwint (how do you spell that?)
& time it right
poor poor million dollar actors...)

from silly introductions
('our next presenters are an actor who likes grapes
& an actress who ate one for dinner tonight')
to the good intros
(i really liked
'here's an actress with two first names
& an actor with two last names,
evangiline lily & wentworth miller')

it all makes me happy
& i love it
give me conan singing & dancing
ellen pompao clutching her train
charlie & martin sheen trying to banter
the chance to see jim from 'the office' in a tux
i'm there

& the winner is



Emily Rose said...

I've never watched the Emmys but you make me want to. Oh, to see Jim from "The Office" in a tux. . .
And what IS up with that Farrah Fawcett. Did you see her on Comedy Central's Roast of William Shatner? (Of course you didn't, poor girl, you don't have cablel). She and her plastic face lift were swaying and giggling incoherently as they flubbed their lines. Jason Alexander had to hold her steady. It was awful and sad. Poor pathetic Farrah. Must go purchase US mag or In Touch for the fabulous Emmy dresses. Happy week after your Birthday! (I always celebrate the entire month and I highly recommend it).

rach said...

You made me wish I'd seen it too and I hate award shows. I get too embarassed for people, they say lame things and no one laughs and I just hide my face or turn the channel - too humiliating.

I feel your cable pain.

jmbmommy said...

I start wanting to talk about the Emmy's and then you mention Conan....ahhh

I think that I also developed a little...just a little...thing for him when Sam was born, because who else is there to make you laugh @ 1AM and then again @ 3AM??? Huh?

Yes, he is...such wonderfully weird humor and that crazy hair, it was like Pee-Wee's playhouse with marginally less yelling and Andy---- and no getting caught in a nasty movie house....but THAT wasn't Pee-Wee...no it wasn't.

Conan is great, thanks for letting me share