25 August 2006

a blog 32 years in the making...

dark hair?
chubby cheeks?
almond shaped eyes?
slightly rumpled shirt?
hands ready to scrapbook the crazy adventure she just had?
strangly shaped head?
(who knows what's under all this hair now?)

that’s me.
32 years ago.

some things never change…


in honor of my birthday
i wanted to tell you about something
that involves some of my favorite things
cool home decor
treasure hunting
garage sale

my friend, jill
is having a mega garage sale
crazy garage sale
i went to help set up her last night
& she has

our friend ali gave her
tons of scrapbook treasures
a lot not even opened

she has clothes
& a bunch of shabby chic home stuff
& a snack booth
(to keep up your energy while you're looking for treasures:)

it is a find & a half
& if you like any of the things i mentioned
you will be happy indeed:)

so if you're in the eugene area
or even oregon & like to drive:)
it's friday & saturday
on sterling street
off of silver lane (near north eugene high school)
off of river road
off of beltline
off of I-5
(oh tricky directions in reverse:)

happy hunting:)


Amanda said...

okay...so i don't mind driving, but i suppose indiana might be too far to go for this particular garage sale...but man, i wish i was closer...this sounds GREAT! i am a garage-sale-aholic...combine that with snacks and scrapbook supplies and i might just spend the whole day there@!

rach said...

happy birthday my wonderful friend!
thank you for bringing me flowers on the week of your birthday - your just like a hobbit (they give other people presents on their birtdays) and i am just like a nincompoop (they forget to say happy birthday when they see their closest friends at the store on their birthday).

jmbmommy said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 2 cute babies in 2 blogs, it is a record.

Merra has the HUGEST smile, so sweet.

Hug yourself today from me!

Jamie said...

I hope it was a happy day, cute one. You've made your life one for others to strive for! It's filled to the brim with love...

Left Coast Sister said...

Happy Birthday from your friend who remembers no one's birthdays so at least you can't take it personal! (: You are one of those great remember-ful people who remembers other people all the time! Hope to see you soon!



Angie said...

Yet again I have missed out on something important because I failed to keep up daily with your blog.... No, it wasn't your birthday; I sang you a happy tune and saw you at your party. But that GARAGE SALE!! If only I had known!!!