06 September 2006

hey, where ya been?

this morning i stopped right before
i put baby formula into the dishwasher
that’s how my week is going…

how ‘bout you?

i’ve been working on wedding invitations
for my faux little sister, monica
(sister of my friend & friend of my sister…
read that again…
& every time i am just about finished
doing invitations for someone
i think
‘i will never do invitations again
i hate them’
& then someone asks me & i say
‘oh sure!
i would love to’

if i just had some little elves
that did all of the putting together work…
i love designing them
but putting together 200?
that is not artistic
that is hellish repetition
that is like watching
the 30 second preview for the movie ‘cars’
over & over
because it is on the dvd of ‘the incredibles’
that you borrowed from your neighbor
but i wouldn’t know anything about that…

& the house
one word:

it is messy
not to the point of the lady on oprah
just left the dog poop everywhere
(speaking of... i haven't seen the dog in weeks...)

but it's not good...

at one point
the pile of clean laundry was taller than Q
& i was so crazed that i didn't even take a picture
you know that is bad...

my shirts in my closet
are hanging out of order

those who know me well
may be surprised to learn that
i always have my closet rod organized

patterned/new shirts
tank tops
(i know they should be folded)
short sleeved
¾ sleeved
long sleeved

the rest of the closet can be hideous
clothes all over the floor
shoes in a pile
but the shirts are always in order
you may be surprised at this sudden onset of OCD
only in the closet
only on the hanging rod
or you may want to refer me to a counselor…

tank tops are next to long sleeved shirts
there is a sweater touching a patterned shirt
& don’t even get me started
on where the ¾ sleeved are hanging out…

life is messy
& that sums it up…

on to cleaner & better things…

some new spots for you
to spend all of your hard earned
time & money...

few new favs…

a really great photographer…with a lot of creativity
he also has a lovely assistant…oh & he sleeps right next to me!
check him out (the site i mean…not him…he’s mine:)

see what kate & ryan are planning for their big day, check their registries,
send them a congrats….fun to see their cute pictures…

my friend andria is so talented…she designs & sews clothing & purses…
she also makes jewelry & cards & journals & anything else
that pops into her cute little head…crazy affordable…& cute/cool as can be:)

that’s all for now…

but watch out…
more excitement to come…



jmbmommy said...

I just love you em!

What else is there to say?


Thanks for putting our website on your blog! I feel super special!

I also am so happy thankful that you and I decided to let someone else do my invites...how fun that you do not have to even think about them much less curse them!

Love you DHP

Left Coast Sister said...

Oh I love you too, Em! I agree about invites... pain in the watoosie, esp when there are those people (OK, don't read this it might be too painful) who just throw them away. Dumb, stupid people, but people nonetheless. After all that hard work with ribbons and punching holes and lining things up etc etc.
And I'm with ya on the house. Some days I look for one clean spot and it's usually located under the couch.

Anonymous said...

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