21 August 2006

who wears 'em?

i just went in to Q’s room
because he was yelling
at the top of his lungs
while he is supposed to be napping
he piled all of his pants on his bed
& was driving matchbox trucks through the legs
‘i playing pants mama’
he says
cute as can be….

ah, that age old game, pants.
i love that one too
although my version usually involves
me balancing on one leg while holding merra in one arm
trying to get my pants up over my bottom…

i’ll have to try the cars version…


jmbmommy said...

can I say hee hee?

Ah, the way a mind works before it is cluttered by useless garbage, so logical and so inventive. I would add a Sam story here, but alas, my brain has been junked up with garbage and many memories escape me at just the right time. I sure like that Quinn boy!

Kel said...

OoooooI'm always up for a new game! Would you ask Quinn if you can play with more than one person?
thanks, oli

Left Coast Sister said...

too funny! Aren't they the best way to keep you from sweating the small stuff. Pants. I'd play anyday.


I LOVE that boy more and more everyday! My version of pants is similar except the pile on the bed is from the leg not fitting in them. I will have to play his version! too cute!