04 August 2006

shout out to the preggos

when i was pregnant with Q
i listed all of the other preggo girls i knew
& there were 16
(including gwyneth paltrow)
when i was preggo with miss m
there weren’t quite that many
but still a bunch
(including gwyneth paltrow)

& now another boom
i’m not in this one
(let’s all say amen to that)
but i’ve got a few friends who are

so a big congratulations
to the current preggers
(not in delivery order)

(insert name here when she tells)
& (this bears giant shouting)
(who has 3 year old triplets!
sending up some mega prayers for her:)
(& it's not that i forgot their last names
or think y'all know all of them on a first name basis
i just wasn't sure how they would enjoy
having their names on my blog for God & everyone to see)
(yes, God reads my blog...)

love those babies!
do you know any who are on the way?

& speaking of babies
here are mine with my grandma…

oh for cute!



Grandma Betty said...

Congratulations to all you lovely ladies.

Left Coast Sister said...

I love that picture of your babies! And grandma thayer too!! Tell her hi! And best of luck to the triplet-having now preg again friend. Lets hope it's not twins!

jmbmommy said...

Your grammy and kids look just SO cute! And regarding pregnancy....I thought that I should tell you.....

I am not!
Congrats ladies!

rach said...

mega photogenic kids! remind me to try to get some with my 3, i never even think about it. maybe i just don't have the courage to try - i'll go ask the wizard for some.

Kel said...

I am not pregnant!!!!! WAHOO!


I am CERTAINLY NOT pregnant! But I am beside myself with Joy for the other girls...especially my dear friend Holly! Hooray!

Jamie said...

I always thought I'd be pregnant with Jennifer Aniston, since we got married the same summer on ALMOST the same day...who knows, maybe I am! I do keep wondering where Heidi Klum gets HER maternity clothes and why I don't look QUITE as good as her in mine...:)

Jamie said...

PS Thanks for the congratulations, too! XOXOXO

Anna said...

hi em,
i can't see joey waiting for anything at all right now let alone the right girl and henry is just so cute, he would be hard to pass up!
love your blog...read it all the timeand love it that i can stay in touch with you and all the gals this way!
and no...we're not pregnant...yet??

Angie said...

I just saw Bethany at church and she congratulated me but I said nothing to her because I had not yet read your post. Way to go me. Let that be a lesson to us all... if you want to stay in the know, read Emily's blog!!!