17 August 2006


one thing
you could never accuse me of
is missing a chance
to take a photo booth picture

when i was in high school
my friends & i
would go to woolworths
in downtown eugene
& collect hats
& scarves
& glasses
& take pictures in the photo booth
changing props every shot

one day we wnet to do it
& there was a sign
'please no unpaid merchandise in the photo booth'

but we made due
with our gorgeous smiles
& sparkling personalities

i really should dig up some of those
i'm sure there are some great shots of
angie & i
jessica & i
darci & i

after we got married
i heard about a wedding
where they rented a photo booth
& all of the guests got their pics taken
how beyond cool is that?

so here we are at the lane county fair
believe me
it was the place to be on tuesday:)

Q, miss m & i
went in the morning
(every two feet Q would point & shout
'mama, wook at dat!')

brian & i went at night
it was grand
as only the county fair can be...



Anonymous said...
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Leslie said...

Just found your blog, and love it!!! :) Stumbled thruogh a link somehow, and what a treat. Photo booths are a blast, and I really thought your anniversary post, was beautiful

Will be back...


jmbmommy said...

Matt and Sam did the booth on Wednesday, so cute.

I had never seen Sam so excited about anything ever...I have seen other people's kids excited like that... but not him. I told him that the fair was open from 10 in the morning until 10 at night....and he kept repeating it, just like "Wapner's on at 5:30, definitely 5:30". When we finally went he was just awestruck, it is a good thing that we haven't explained Disneyland to him yet.

Left Coast Sister said...

Love the photo booth memories! (: Having one at a wedding is a terrif. idea... Now you know what to find for Ms. Kate!! As for the fair, there ain't nothin' like it! (As a side note, a friend of mine was new to Eugene and thought the Oregon CounTRY fair was like a counTY fair and was surprised at the lack of pie contests and 4-H shows. Ah. Oregon.)

Anna said...

you are so lucky to have a husband that will even go in one of those photo booths with you! How cute are you guys! (The ones with you and the kids are cute too.)

Kel said...

Oh my! I miss the fair. The one here is next week but we will be in Eugene! SO I will miss both, bummer.
You four are so fun!

P.s. eek! what is that ad from anonymous!!!???

Amanda said...

just discovered your blog through a comment you left on leslie's blog...love it! I will most definitely be back...also, your scrapbook layouts are amazing! I L-O-V-E scrapbooking too!

prrrof said...

Ditto on the photo booth pics--what a great wedding idea, too bad I've already had a wedding. Maybe for an anniversary party? hm. I have a 3 year old who's *begging* to go to the fair here, and who love, love, loves rides. We're never telling her about Disneyland either! :)