02 August 2006


‘i now pronounce you’
seems like
minutes ago
hours ago
days ago
years ago
decades ago
centuries ago

lots of laughs ago
two doggies ago
billions of kisses ago
a few passed aways ago
two sweet kiddos ago
some pounds ago
many tears ago
bags & bags of popcorn ago
countless x-files ago
two houses ago
buckets of smiles ago

too many bags of peanut m&m’s ago
lists of hard talks ago
tons of movies ago
two schools ago
lots of prayers ago
eight million loads of laundry ago
so many dreams ago
dozens of talking in your sleeps ago
four cars ago
a kizzillion pictures ago
bunches of ‘whose your favorite…?’s ago
a handful of vacations ago
trillions of hugs ago

8 years
so many more agos
to go
i can’t wait…



Left Coast Sister said...

8 years already?!!!??? Do you remember when FIVE years ago seemed like an eternity!!?? Hard to imagine... congratulations!

jmbmommy said...

yea! You all are a bunch of cuties. Good work on the kids, the life, all of it!!

rach said...

it does seem like yesterday and centuries ago at the same time - i had a blast at your wedding. everything was beautiful and fun and there were so many amazing people there too - perfection!

Kel said...

Oh, man! Good Job Em and B!
It was so much fun to dance at your wedding! What a beautiful day! Congratulations!

Anna said...

hi emily! i can't believe it's been eight years! i remember being at your wedding and hoping that someday it would be me! congratulations!


CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so proud of you guys!

Emily Rose said...

I just love your kamikaze poetry. Brilliant!