11 August 2006

have i ever mentioned…

i love scrapbooking

to me it is the perfect mix

i get to be artsy
i get to play with paper
& ribbon
& paint
& anything i want to

& i’m preserving my family’s memories
FOR ALL TIME (say with an echo effect)

a perfect mix
a sweet little dance



jmbmommy said...

I too have picture upon picture of the toes of Little Sam and Ben. They are so cute and I think that I am so afraid of forgetting their preciousness and vulnerablity when they are big smelly teenagers. Even now I look at Sam's bigger boy feet and I think "Ack, how big you are getting my little baby!". Another picture I have been taking, is the sleeping shot. You know the time after they have fallen asleep and you can almost see their baby face hiding in their more grown-up face. So sweet!


You are an amaxing talent! Your kids will be so grateful for the time you have spent now! I know I love the book you made for me! Kiss those little toes and smushy cheeks for me! See you tomorrow!

Left Coast Sister said...

Can you do my pictures?? I am so envious (in a good way!) of your talent!

Jamie said...

Seriously Em, you could SELL your scrapbooking skills for a LOT of money. I know some VERY rich families here in CT that would pay oh-so-much for you to scrapbook their lives! Of course, it wouldn't be the same, would it? I think I'll just be happy with my talent of emulating my more talented-than-I friend! SO keep putting those pages up for me to copy! :)

Kel said...

Love them! I love all the craziness on the super star page. It's soooooo fun!