29 July 2006

i do!

brian & i have photographed a few weddings
this summer
tonight brian did one alone
(left me with those crazy kids:)
check out this great pic...

i'm not sure but
i believe this ended in a trip to the hospital
(not really...but wouldn't that be a great wedding story?)

doing weddings is so fun!
i absolutely loved our wedding day
(drunk groom & all:)
& i've been coordinating weddings since then
bri & i just started working together
in the photo realm
& it has been really great
we're a good team:)

so if you know anyone who needs their picture taken...



Left Coast Sister said...

I LOVE that picture! Wish I'd known, he could have photog'd my wedding!! Maybe the next time our whole family is together we could entice you guys out to do some family ones... Would you be up for that?? Talk to you soon! PS Me and my family will be in Oregon end of Sept but maybe before... see you then, of course!

Kel said...

I think that you are THE best wedding coordinator around...hey I am biased but that's my opinion. If only I had known then how skilled you were at taking pictures!

prrrof said...

that's a gorgeous picture, and if you could actually take a picture of our _whole_ family w/the grandparents, that'd be so so cool. hmm. too bad it's pretty schmucky outside at thanksgiving time there in rainy state...maybe next summer?

joni laleet said...
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