28 February 2007


my newest adventure....


for moms & kids
looking for things to do
places to go
memories to make

the site includes
things that are happening...
this week
this month
all year long

things that happen every...

places to find...
where to go when it's rainy
kids clothing
classes for kids
places to have a party

& soon it will have...
where to go when it's sunny
mom owned businesses
places to get out of town
ways to help others
classes for moms
kid friendly restaurants
groups to join
mom's time out
& lots more...

i am starting to sell advertising
& so it is a little business!

i'm so excited
so go check it out!

& if you are interested....
i am going to make a little survey
& have people go through the site
to help make it better
point out things that don't work
things that do work
things that should be changed
so get your opinions ready!
& let me know if you want to do it...

so take a look...
i hope you like it...


& kelly
i got in right under the wire...
love you:)

ps there was the neatest article in the register guard today
about a little school in goshen
(a few miles south of eugene)
the school had empty classrooms
because their enrolement has gone way down
& with that goes the funding for art
so a smart cookie down there had the idea to offer
free studio space to artists
in exchange for them letting kids come
& observe them during the day...
oh how i love this idea!
it just sounded so great
& when in your entire life
would you have the chance to watch an artist at work
& get to ask questions
& get personalized help?
i even teared up a little reading it...
i loved art class
i remember 7th grade art class
when we drew descriptive words
(like the word fluffy was all puffy & well...fluffy)
& high school art with mr. larsen
(you jchs grads know what i'm talking about:)
developing pictures in the dark room
& making things with clay
& he let me paint a little mural on one of the walls
i love art.
yes i do.



Angie said...

Go, Em, go!

emmi said...

What a cool idea! The website looks great. I am so impressed.

Kel said...

YEAH! That was a great surprise! I am headed to the site right now! Question: Will this be a just in Eugene moms thing or all over the place?

Jacob and Rachael said...

oh my gosh, it is stinking amazing!i love it!
i will use it all of the time!
it is so much more than i could have imagined. you have done a great job - it will be a huge hit - ok i will try to calm down - but it is just awesome!

Kel said...

oh man i love it toooooooo!
Great idea! You're the coolest mom ever!

Anna said...

i'm with rachael...sooo stinking amazing! we talk about this stuff ONCE a year in MOPS and it needs to be updated and added to etc. every day! What a fabulous idea! Let me know when it's up and running.

Anna said...

oops. i just saw the website was in your text. congratulations! it works and i love it!

Anna said...

oops. i just saw the website was in your text. congratulations! it works and i love it!


I am so Proud of you!!! And I am officially putting tabs on Go-mom-go.com/Portland!

jmbmommy said...

Yeah you!
Keep it up!

Jamie said...

I can't even tell you how SAD I am that I do not live in Eugene after looking at all the fun things going on just THIS WEEK!!! Do you think it'd be possible for me to host Stamford Connecticut's site even though I work? I LOVE IT!!!

Left Coast Sister said...

You are: (1) cool, (2) amazing, (3) talented, (4) motivated, (5) funny, (6) creative, (7) smart, (8) together enough to get your ideas out of your head and off the ground, (9) gutsy enough to see how your ideas brave the world, (10) again, smart!! Yay for you, and tell me how to work with you for the Stockton site. You are the craigslist of all things motherly.

prrrof said...

Totally, totally cool. I'm in awe of your talents in so many areas!

Can't wait to see how this idea spreads. At least I'll be able to say I knew you when...