17 February 2007

hooray for boys!

she holds him
he is hers
& she never knew

a boy
& pink
& dear
& fresh
& she never knew

& she never knew
til he came

just met
already bound
in heart

& she never knew

& now
a boy
a dream
a taste
a love

& now
she knows

oh how i love to take pictures of babies!
& this guy
he is a sweet one
& angie & ben
absolutely glowing
i'm so excited for them!

gotta have a yawning shot...
is there anything cuter?
sleepy remy...
oh did i metion his name is remy?
cool cool name
can't wait to get to know this boy:)

congratulations my friends
& to the new sisters
the fun
& laughing
& hugs
& mess
& crazy
& love
& everything
is just beginning


emmi said...

YEAH! He is beautiful. Congratulations to his mom, dad and wonderful sisters.

Kel said...

Oh, he is so beautiful.
Congratulations Ang. You will love having a boy. Congrats to the girls too. He will definitely know how to treat a lady!!! =)

Colleen said...

Oh no! I can't see any pictures. But you know I love how you wrote about him. :)

FullerFam said...

ahhh! i can't see these pictures of Remy, but I can see the other ones!

emmi said...

I could see the pictures but they went away. So strange. They were very cute. I can see the pictures from your other posts as well.

Left Coast Sister said...

Me too, no pics, but send a big hug to Ang anyway! Would love to see him! (PS I can see your other ones too!)

prrrof said...

very cute baby--and pass on to the parents that we share their good taste in baby boy names (and spelling, to boot--although we added an accent!) A lovely boy and a great name!