14 February 2007

love. love. love.

(heart in the sand & snow...oregon coast 2007january)

there's nothing you can do that can't be done
there's nothing you can sing that can't be sung
there's nothing you can say
but you can learn how to play the game
it's easy
dum dum da da dum da da dum
all you need is love
ba do do do do do
all you need is love
ba do do do do
all you need is love
love is all you need

& now that i have hopefully successfully put that into your head for the day....

instructions for kids hand project

~tell 2 year old 'we are going to paint!'
~ after hearing 'when are we going to paint?' 218 times in 5 minutes realize you should have set everything up & then told him
~ start to cover table with newspaper taping it down as you go
~pause to get cracker for baby clinging to your leg
~answer 2 year old 'yes, i'm getting the paint ready' as you are getting cracker
~put baby in high chair
~tell 2 year old to crawl into his chair
~realize that it would be quite smart to have something on the floor under the chairs
~wish you would have thought of that before everyone was in their seats
~take everyone out of their seats
~patiently answer 2 year old 'yes we are going to paint very soon'
~ grab the nearest larger fabric surface which happens to be a queen size blanket from martha stewart's kmart line. acknowledge to yourself that yes it is a favorite but do you really want to go searching for a tarp or sheet with mr. questions & miss leg cling in tow? answer 'no.' martha will have to understand. i'm sure she did this numerous times with alexis...or she directed the nanny to do this many times with alexis...
~get everyone resituated
~hand brush to 2 year old
~get cheerios for baby 'yes we will paint in just a minute'
~put glob of paint on paper plate set out for just this purpose
~direct 2 year old to paint the cute boxes you bought for valentine brownie delivery
~watch as 2 year old does not obey (imagine!) & just sticks his hands in the paint & rubs them around on the newspaper
~decide this is better anyway...you love paint on your hands too
~grab lots of blank paper & ask him to make his hands stretch out really big
~as soon as you see anything resembling stretched out really big thrust his hadn onto the paper
~press each finger down firmly even if he says 'ow that hurts'
~remind him that sometimes you have to suffer for art
~repeat until you get a few great prints
~allow 2 year old to return to his own form of art which now includes dipping his hand in the paint, rubbing it on a body part, then asking for more paint & rubbing it on a different body part
~convince him to paint the boxes for a while
~just paint them yourself in a '2 year old sort of way' no one will ever know!
~turn your attention to the sweet baby
~have box of wipes at the ready
~quickly paint her hand as she stares in amazment at the strange feeling
~tickle the inside of her hand so she spreads in out
~thrust it toward the paper & press firmly on each finger
~hear 2 year old tell her that sometimes you have to suffer for art
~grab wipes just in time to see her put her paint filled hand in her mouth
~stare in horror as she picks up multi colored cheerios & eats them
~recover & pull the tray off of the high chair
~ tell 2 year old that it is bath time
~tell 2 year old to stay on the chair & 'do not touch anything'
~run to the bath tub & start the water
~realize you are not wearing a paint shirt & 2 year old is wearing a body glove of paint
~change into oldish shirt in a flash
~run back & grab 2 year old
~put him in bathtub
~run & get crying baby
~come back to 2 year old out of the tub touching the tiolet & cupboards & telling you that the water is too cold (better than too hot!)
~warm up the tub
~put everyone in
~watch as the water turns a horrbile shade of avacado with floating dry paint pieces
~ rub dried paint off of children
~take them out & drain the tub
~ clean the tub to the sound of chattering teeth
~ refill the tub
~ put children back in
~ collapse by the side of the tub
~greet husband as he comes home from work & finds you in the bathroom
~hear him say 'wow that water is dirty'
~scream until said husband hands you chocolate

oh & one more step
~wish there had been someone taking pictures

happy valentines day, my bloggy friends!
my favorite holiday this is...
love the hearts
& the red
& the love
& the candy
& the friendship
& the love

& & & &!
someone is arriving today...

i will definitly keep you posted...


ps two dear girls have posted that they can't see the pictures
i just tried again
if you are reading this
& feeling generous of heart
will you please let me know if you can see them?
thank you!


Jamie said...

1. I looked high and low for that song to put on myspace, to no avail--because that song has been running through my head since the minute my baby girl was born...I've watched Love Actually 10 times in the past month just for that song!:)

2. I scared my nursing baby when I laughed out loud during your painting scene...SOOO funny! I could picture it so clearly...

3. For some reason, I cannot see the pictures on your past 2 posts--did you post them differently? It's making me so sad!

You, my friend, are pure inspiration. Love you!!!

Kel said...

I had the same experience making valentines with O the other day. Got everything out and realized I do not have scissors for a toddler. Needless to say, the Valentine he made looks suspiciously like mommy did most of it. Oh well. I will slowly relinquish control eventually, I'm sure.

I also could not see the pics on this blog. So sad. Want to see pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like screaming for chocolate too.=)

Um, ok, I have been so so patient. It is the 14th. Half way through the month of February, and still no word on the "surprise". Is this person that is coming a surprise? Are you toying with me, em?

grandma Betty said...

Surprise, this computer clutz sees the pictures.
Enjoyed imagining your painting, bathing story.
Brings back memories of long ago.
Wait until you have to paste lace on the hearts.
Eagerly waiting for little ???


I can see the pictures and I love it! I wish I had been there to take pictures for you! I love you all and can't wait to see you soon! Love you! did I already say that?

Jamie said...

Yippee, I see them now! Love the heart in the snow and sand--so pretty!

Em, get ready for a marathon phone conversation soon!xoxoxoxoxo

emmi said...

I love, love, love your blog. Beautiful pictures and funny stories. I really want to try painting with Mia but I have been chicken.

Will you post the baby info or call me when s/he is born? (Did that remind you of Ms. Z? She always did the "s/he" thing.) I am so excited!

Jacob and Rachael said...

oh my gosh - i had almost the exact same painting moments yesterday with girl 2! I had mega dejavue when i was reading! She spontaneously made handprints and of course painted both arms and then i carried her to the bath in my new shirt holding her out as far as i could.

FullerFam said...

Love love love it. Only a parent of a toddler would truly understand!!

The pictures are great! :)

Left Coast Sister said...

You crack me up! Especially the part about wishing you had all the supplies out before you'd said anything! Hope you had a happy heart day and that everyone loved their toddler-painted art.

jmbmommy said...

I agree, you must sometimes suffer for art.

We started our Valentines yesterday afternoon, but Sam loves them so that we may continue in to the weekend. He makes the most for me, and then he says that I can do whatever I want with them...what a pal.

Hopefully I will not have my husky Kathleen Turner voice tomorrow (I know, I just sound sick, but a girl could dream of a low sexy voice....I've been sick, it is all I have!)