07 February 2007

to theleft...

snuggle down.

today is snuggle down at our house
no place to go
no one to see
nothing to do
nothing but jammies to wear
no pressure
nothing but fun
& relaxing
another definition of snuggle down:

this is my favorite picture right now
it is so Q
messy face
(messier than usual i feel i must note)
lightening mcqueen shirt
(which he would wear 24-7
but i do wash it every or so
with much protesting by the sweetie
but as we all know
'lightening needs a bath too, buddy')
one of miss m's clips in his hair
because she had one
so he needed one too:)
big giant open mouthed smile
squinty eyes
little corner of his plate...
i seriously love this kiddo.

& my miss m
oh she is such a sweetie
& so funny
& getting such a personality
i love to watch her grow...

speaking of the little munchkins
they are both asleep!
that hasn't happened since....
well, last night
but during the day
mr. Q seems to have decided
that napping is not really him
so quiet time in his room it is...
but the crazy thing that tends to happen
is that when we have snuggle down
he naps.
i always thing on the days when we are running in tweleve different directions
& go to bible study
& the park
& the store
'oh he will conk out for sure'
no dice...
stay home
in jammers
eat a leasurely lunch
& hang out
& he's done in!
i love it
no matter where & when
two sleeping babies is good stuff

a song or two.

'to the left to the left'
this song is amazing
just when i think
there will never be a better song than
but really
try it
you just might like it...

dixie chicks
i had never heard this song before
but it's to her little boy
& it is just the sweetest
plus any song that metions matchbox cars
is on my list

otis redding
try a little tenderness
i had a friend who LOVED otis
don't know where the friend is
but otis was at i-tunes
nice to see you again otis:)
(this is the song on 'pretty in pink'
where duckie slides into the record store
& does a big performance...
so good
if you have no idea what i'm talking about
get thee to a video store!)

this song gets stuck in my head
every sunday that we sing it at church
oh it is so good.

sarah mclachlan
ice cream
your love is better than ice cream.

nora jones
not too late
i went back & forth
should i buy the whole album?
should i just try one song?
i bought just this song...
i made the wrong choice...

a little tiny something.

i've been perusing crafty blogs
& they are so great
so inspiring
& i will be making a link list soon
soon & very soon.
so i saw these sweet little felt booties
& just had to try them
because i don't have enough
crafty things to do:)

i had fun
i tell you what...
brian said
'she will make such a cute lepricon'

more to come...




I think I see a halloween constume in the making! Seriously cute!!! do they come in my size?

jmbmommy said...

Love those shoesies....and those kids are pretty cute too!

Post where to find them!

Kel said...

such cutie kids!

love their smiles.