09 February 2007

bootie details...

so as i was typing the previous post
Q woke up from his nap
& i hate to say
'just a minute buddy
i have to write a little bit more about these crazy felt shoes i made'
now i am back
to write about the crazy felt shoes

i got the pattern for the actual shoe part from
this blog:
the pattern that you can print at home
is on the right
there's a link...
she also has a flicker group where people who have made the booties
post their pictures of their creations
so you can see all of the interpretations
how they added ribbon
or lace
or little blue flowers of their own design
(hey i did that!)
it's very cool

funny however...
i was so excited about these little shoes
& i hand sewed all of the parts
because i was upstairs with brian
& we were watching something
& i didn't want to go downstairs
(that might be scary
you never know what's down there
yes i do.
dirty dishes
& army men)
so the next day
i tried them on merra
who is almost 12 months
& the shoe pattern was for 3-6 months
& they were huge on her!
& didn't even remotely hug her feet
so loose!
oh it was funny.
i know now that i stitched too close to the edge
& i know now
that when i use the sewing machine
it will take .02 seconds
& maybe they will fit
& even though i liked the green idea
in the glow of our bedroom light
in the light of the morning
they look quite hilarious
brian was so right:)

these are not my last pair
& you will be subject to viewing the upcoming designs...
yes you will



Left Coast Sister said...

I love that the words "when I use" and "the sewing machine" can belong in a sentance together when written by you. Can't wait to see the little elfin girl on St Paddy's Day! (;

Colleen said...

I'm sure your little elf looks quite adorable on them and will grow into them just so.

And I so would love to sew. I have a friend who said she was willing to teach me - hooray! It's just too hard reading all these crafty blogs and not being able to join the chaos. :)

Colleen said...

(oops! I mean to say "adorable in them" not "on them".

I'm a word nerd.

Colleen said...

Hee hee. Here's my closed parenthesis. )