20 February 2007

there's never been a better time to buy...

does your baby girls hair look like this?

are you tired of people saying
'oh what a cute baby...what's his name?'
do you long for a day when barettes will be a part of your daughters morning routine?
look no further
the answer is clear
the answer is
miss m's growgane baby serum
simply rub the serum on your sweet girls head daily
& in 6 short months you can go
from this:

to this:

tons of thick lucious curls
giant chunks of hair
to clip into barettes
hold back with a headband
or twist in to those teeny tiny elastic bands

merra g from eugene oregon tesifies
'da da mummm mumm plllllt pu pu pu'

available in super curly & super straight formulas

miss m's growgane serum:
a little bit of curls
goes a long long way...


Anna said...

what cute curls. and what a cute girl!
so thrilled angie had a boy!
and i'm glad to be back :)
love you em.


Oh my gosh...what a sweet girl! I love the curls and I am so glad she got them!

emmi said...

Sign me up for 10 bottles of the super curly. I love it! I am still waiting for the day when my hair will become curly. I guess that's called a perm.

Rachael said...

if only i had known about this when clara was a baby!
we had to answer the 'boy' question for nearly three years!