06 February 2007


they are good things.
last night i got to spend time with a few of my favorites
so much laughing
serious topics
that always turn funny
& good advice
lots of goooood advice

this lovely 3 hour block of time
spent only just
sitting & talking
talking & laughing
was a perfect little post-it
stuck to the giant piece of paper that is my life
i would like that piece of paper to get smaller please.

if they asked me
i could write a book
about these girls
but sometimes fewer words
are better

thanks a, r & e
fun is much funner with the three of


& because i want to put more pictures
on this here blog
i have included a picture of each of my dear friends...
rachael in a perfect arooette
(i'm guessing)
& erin looking cute on her back porch...

in a disturbing turn of events
i could not find a picture that i have taken of angie in the last year or so
& so instead of going back just a bit farther
why not go back to the very beginning?
a very good place to start
senior pictures
(a few years after the beginning, mind you but who cares?
dorkiness prevails!)
& so as not to make my favorite redhead model alone
i have included one of my own
90's pictures too...
i do believe that giant glasses beat
ballet poses & polo shirts everytime
(& erin,
the only reason the picture of you is normal & lovely
is that i haven't known you long enough...
just wait:)
(& i have no idea why angie's picture is smaller than the others
it is certainly not because
i wanted to make my gynormous glasses gynormouser


so here's your chance
give your favorite friend or two or three
a shout out
right here in the comments
(details gladly accepted)
& then send them an email
or call them
send them a real live actual letter
(if you do that please report back
i don't remember how it feels...)
friends are good.




Oh, there is nothing like good friends! Here is my shout out to Beth, Holly and Alisa...who I could sit and talk with for days and who I know loved me in those same glasses you had on!

Angie said...

I don't know what is more disturbing... that photo of me or the fact that you said I haven't changed much since then.

Truly, though, what a lovely time that was talking into the night (almost morning!)

And we didn't even get into or cause any trouble (e.g., running out of gas on the LA freeway)

Kel said...

I would like to give a shout out to Bonnie, Mel, Sarah, and Melissa, my very best idaho friends. And also one to Emily, Rachael, and Angie, cause they're my friends too. (I don't know Erin but I am sure we would be friends)


Jacob and Rachael said...

i had such an awesome day with my kids on tuesday and i know it was because i had been re-energized by being with friends the night before!

FullerFam said...

It was a great time. I'm glad everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did. :)

Left Coast Sister said...

THAT's the Angie I know and remember!! As for your gynormous glasses, I think mine were the only ones bigger than yours. How could anyone love the 80's? Maybe they didn't have bangs and King Kong glasses.