02 February 2007

every day.

oh if you only knew how much i wish to post everyday!
& i've been surfing crafty blogs
(i will be creating links soon)
& i love how the super talented
super fun
super inspiring girls
have a picture with every post
so i'm going for that...

love paint
so much more than i can convey in words
& i love the blur of the paint brush
the movement
can't even stay still for a moment.
must dip.

so it's the 2nd
& my surprise still isn't ready
but i'm working on it...
(please don't be mad at me, kel:)

i'm excited about it
but i think it's a little funny
because of my 8 'known' readers
about 4 of them know the surprise:)
oh well
life is full of sameness...
we all need a surprise every now & then
(& hopefully not of the
'mommy i pooped in the bathtub'
not that that happened to me yesterday morning....)

i'll leave you with one more shot...

i love the movement of this
(a running theme i believe:)
& that they are playing together
(if you define together as 'in the same room')
ps she almost always pulls her foot back before he runs over it
a trait that will serve her well in the future i believe...

love to you all...
soon & very soon
i will post a fun thing...



Kel said...

not mad. just excited!

love you. love your kiddos. love kids playing together. and i will leave you with a wonderful piece of advice my grandmother gave me (regarding the poop in the bathtub or anything of that sort)

"He won't do it when he's 30."

Thank God. =)


They are so cute, I just want to come and squeeze them both!

I remember being at day care when I was little and another kid pooping in the tub, while I was in it. Just keep M out of there!

emmi said...

I love that you mentioned your links. I checked them out recently and they are so cool. Some even made me want to start scraping which has never happened before.

By the way I am glad I don't have the only bathtub pooper. We got ours on video though. Blackmail for the teenage years? We shall see.