07 March 2007

things i could live without...but don't really ever want to...

hair products edition...

as the title suggests i could live without these
& in fact i did live without them before i found them
because unfortunately they did not give them
to my mom at the hospital when i was born...
'oh mrs. b, this one looks like she'll have thick curly hair
here's a lifetime supply of frizz reducing serum & a hat...
she will definitaly need both'

here are the hair products
that bring me joy...

Burt's Bees...Feelin' Flaky? Herbal Treatment Shampoo
i have dandruff, okay?
i feel it's best just to admit it
& not have to explain
to the ever changing array of people roaming through my bathroom
that i just 'like the smell of it'.
though i do just like the smell of it too.
but what i like most
is that it keeps the 'snow' from my shoulders...
i tried lots of things before dr. burt
lots of things that shall remain nameless
lots of things that claim to work
lots of things that start with 'head &.....'
lots of things that still caused my sister
the only girl taller than me who would look closely at my head
to say 'hmmmm, yeah....we need to find you some thing'
so i'm feelin' flakey but because of it
i am NOT feelin' flaky
& that feels good...

John Frieda...Curl Around Style Starting Conditioner
again with my sister
but seriously
those who know her know
she is in the know
she knows the best stuff for hair & face & make-up tips
& she is just a fount of knowledge on all things above the neck...
this stuff is just the thickest most luxerious stuff to put on your hair
& it smells good
& it's like a gillion little elves are in it powering through your tangles
you put it in your hair
& then it only takes a few swipes through with your fingers
or a brush if you're into that sort of thing
& all of the tangles are out!
this is amazing for me
usually i'm yanking out chunks as i try to get my fingers through just once
that may be because before this i would buy 99cent suave coconut conditioner
it smelled good too...
bonus testimonial:
my dear friend since the 8th grade, angie,
is the only person i know who has thicker & curlier hair than i do
& she used it when we went to the coast in january
& she used it
& she liked it too...
i have no idea if she would rave about it as i do...
let's see....oh angie! do tell....
(i was rereading this & how i wrote that last bit sounded almost like
angie & i went to the coast to wash our hair in the ocean...
that's funny though it would not actually be fun or good for our hair...)

Bath & Body Works....Hair Towel
yes i realize that you do not have to have a 'hair towel'
that a body towel will suffice
that some people enjoy wrapping it around their head
& yelling 'toga'
not that i know anyone like that...
but i have to tell you
that when you have thick long hair
it is not fun
(cue the violins)
it is uncomfortable
& balancing a giant towel filled with hair
while you are trying to put lotion on your legs
is just painful & not something anyone wants to see
but with this towel...
it is a dream to have wet hair...
you want to run in circles singing
'i am sixteen going on seventeen'
you want to jump & groove like elaine on seinfeld
('a full body dry heave set to music')
it is shaped kind-of funny
like a strange little hat
you put your hair in it
& then twist
& twist
& twist
(picture this with me)
there is a loop on the twisty end
& a button on the part of the towel above your forward
& you put the button in the loop
& you are secure
& safe
& happy
& naked...get dressed!

Goody...ouchless hair ties
remember those hair ties that had the metal piece in them?
& how when you took them out of your hair
you would pull out chunks of hair?
i can afford to lose the hair
but there are some people who can not
& the sweet people at goody are looking out for us all
it's just one piece sewn together i guess
whatever it is i am happy
no more ouch...
plus i love that name
& i wish i would remember to say that everytime i used them...
'goody goody!'

i don't know the brand but let's give bobby the credit
she's a good lady...
so i use these far more often than i should.
i should
(in my own brain)
do my bangs every morning
using many products & appliances
but often the first time i look at my hair
is after i get the kiddos in the car
& look in the rearview mirror...
(i'm sure that this is a fun thing
for my neighbors to see each morning
wondering exactly where i am going
that let's me in with my mop in all directions)
so out come the pins...
i try to make it look stylish
& that is such an easy thing to do as i am stopped at every stop sign & light
because i would never try to do my hair while the car is in motion
i am telling the truth.
yes i am grandma & angie...
i like booby pins
when my hair expert sister got married
she hired her hair lady to come & do hair for the bridesmaids
& when she did my hair
she used 53 pins
yes i counted them.
so now i have 53 professional hold hair pins
okay i only have 38 now
but i did have 53...

various brands...headbands
i like head bands
i just do
they are cute
& you can wear them with your hair up or down
clean or dirty
curly or straight
long or short
they are equal opportunity hair helpers
i like them
though i would not take any life advice from nicole richie
(sorry i like to eat & drive the right way on the freeway)
she looks so cute in them
especially the big thick ones...
love them...

Johnson's Buddies...easy comb conditioner
so neither of my children look like me
my mother in law was here the last two days
& she commented on how miss m looks like brian did as a baby
this makes me happy
but only because she did get my hair
'hooray' i thought as during the last 6 months
as it has grown like one of those dolls where you just pull on the hair
& it gets longer & longer
but that was before i started trying to brush it after her bath
oh my goodness
tangle city!
maybe i wish she had brian's hair too:)
but this stuff is great
cuts right through
hopefully we will not have daily crying sessions because of brushing...
i remember those
i'm sure my mom wanted to shave my head more than once.
all that said
i am so glad to pass on this hair
it is a good thing.
(i'm reading martha's book right now)

so there you go
my hair happiness...

watch soon for
'things i could live without...but don't really ever want to...'
dinner fork edition
nail clipper edition
vacuum cleaner edition
(oh who am i kidding
i don't use any of those things...)

so ends this edition...
who knew i could write that much on hair stuff...
(i know, kate, you knew)


thank you so so so much
for the sweet comments about go-mom-go
i am really excited!
it is something i've been thinking about for a while
& brian kept syaing 'do it! do it!'
(thanks bri:)
thanks, friends
you are awesome!

& i am so happy to have heard from quite a few people interested in doing it in their city
(7 so far!)
so spread it around...
i'm going to be expanding to other cities soon
if you know any moms who would like to make some extra money
have them email me...

have a great day!


jmbmommy said...

Booby pins?? I know just a small typo, but woo hoo SO FUNNY for those of us with less than mature minds.

If my flakey prob. ever comes back I am totally going to try the Burts....I love their baby bee lotion, for me, for the kids....smells goody goody goody!

Angie said...

I, too, laughed aloud at the booby pins typo (sorry, Em... really you were funny too, not just via typos). But booby pins sound like something useful for breastfeeding, maybe like a chip-bag-clip thingy for those leaky moments....
Um, maybe I should change this to an anonymous post...
I too use the 99 cent Suave (that has a certain ring to it, maybe they should change the name)... and I do remember enjoying the conditioner that you recommended at the coast... but now I think I need to try it again... Another coast trip?
Actually, Clark Howard spoke about this one day on the air (I know, it is a little random), and he encouraged people to save money by buying cheapo hair products because, he said, all hair products are virtually the same. Apparantly many women called and/or wrote to disagree.

Kel said...

Oh good, I am glad that I am not the only one that giggled about 'booby pins'....hee hee hee

For those of us with not enough hair and stick straight hair, Aveda-pure volume, and phomolient (or something like that). Love love love!!!!


Thank you for the compliments from the neck up...my therapist and I will go through my neck down/sister issues this week.


I am so happy to be able to pass on my new finds. WE have a drawer full of not quite good enough products so that I can try them out and then pass on the good ones to you.

Tell miss M that the key is to layer products...Curl shampoo, curl conditioner, mouse, curl definer, shine sirum then hairspray. NEVER ever use a brush, comb only in the shower!

I can't wait to teach her more...I may even throw in some shoe advice.

Jamie said...

Now we all need to post our hair finds...I could use some advice and I have the OPPOSITE hair that you do. And as for headbands: does anyone get headaches? The cotton ones slide off my limp, fine hair, which makes me so sad! I want to be cute like Nicole Richie! Or better yet, Emily Gulka!