28 January 2007

the art of time suckage...

why yes i have been sitting at my computer for the last week
staring in awe at the technilogical advances
just since monday
did you know
you can watch a video on the internet?!?
& sites just pop right up
when you click on them?
& pictures upload like lightning
just since monday i tell you...

on to other news
though just because i'm moving on
does not mean that i am not so very giddy & grateful for this
high speed wonder
believe me
it will be like when we moved into town
(a country girl term thank you very much)
& every wednesday afternoon i would say
'they just came & took our garbage!
we had it in a can & someone just came & took it away
& it's gone
& we just get to fill it up again!
(sad that i am excited about post consumer waste. yes i know.)
& we don't have to go to the dump?
(not that i don't love the dump
i do!
who doesn't?
all of that throwing over the edge
& seeing what other people threw over the edge...
one of my favorite childhood memories is going to the dump
(told ya. country. just like britney)
again i say
you can't overstate how nice it feels to just throw a big item into a huge hole.
i'm sorry i know it's horrible.
but a memory is a memory.
even if it involves trash & hurting the earth...
excuse me i need to go recycle something...)
so anyway...
bottom line
love the high speed
love internet
even more than i did before...
(& i know i have a hanging parenthesis)


the point...

last week we visited a new church
no we are not thinking about changing churches
we live 30 miles from our church
& some sundays
(read: every sunday)
we are running late
& last sunday we were running so late that we said
'let's just try out that new church at that elementary school'
(by the way
new churches are popping up in elementary schools all around here!
it does seem like a good idea
they're not in use on sundays
& then people are not just building new structures willy nilly
therefore less waste
therefore my dump guilt is gone
i went to a recyled church!
i feel so much better)
so we were there
& it was just fine.
during the sermon brian pointed out something in the bulletin:
'there are easels & art supplies
in the back of the room for those
who wish to express themselves artistically'
(is that spelled right? i'm an artist not a an editor...ang?)
& b said
'you may never get this chance again...go for it'
& i did.
so the 'art supplies' left something to be desired
every colored pencil was down to it's nub
& the markers were almost inkless
but i made it work
& let me tell you
it was very cool.
my drawing was fine
not great
but the idea
is something i never have even imagined...
when i was in college
(those gloroius 3 terms...)
i took interpersonal communication
because it fufilled the speech requirement
cause you weren't getting me up in front of a group for nothin'
i asked the teacher
about doodling
i said that i felt like when i doodle during class
it helps me listen better.
rather than staring at the teachers face
& then wondering where she got her necklace
& if she bought her shirt in 1956
& so on...
it seemed like it helped me pause that wandering part of my brain
so i could really listen.
she begged to differ
& said it was actually just distracting me
blah blah blah
& i believed her until now!
& now i will be doodling away
during church with no guilt
this is such a guilt cleansing blog today!)
thank you 'the point'
very cool...

my new favorite picture...

love the movement of the train
love his hood over his head
love his jeans
love the dirty
love him looking at the train
love me looking at him
love the lines
love the color
love that you can see my earring
(nice focus job bri!)
love that seeing a whole face is necessary
love love love
don't love my butt...
but who does?
i can overlook it
if you can...

gotta dash
Q just came in & said
'i awake!
& your girl's awake!'

love to all...
& less guilt
that's my motto



jmbmommy said...

less guilt...it's a good thing...

Like this one, lots of stuff out there...don't get computer eyes!

jmbmommy said...
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Kel said...

I love how still and in focus you and Q are and how fast and blurry the train looks.

very cool.

Kel said...

ok. that was wierd. we just posted at exactly the same time!


Love the picture! LOVE the DUMP! it is the same feeling I get going to good will and dropping huge boxes of random crap...but no guilt!

rachaellee said...

i have been saying the same thing to teachers and pastors (my dad) my whole life - i really do listen better when i am doodling. i still don't listen great because it just isn't possible for my add brain, but i pay way better attention when i am drawing - i have about 1000 pictures of steve overman in different journals.

love the recyceled church line - it's funny because it's true!

Left Coast Sister said...

I love that picture too! Just feels like one of those moments when life is passing you by but you took some time to live with your kid! So neat. And this is the website I was telling you about: http://www.photogenixphotographystudios.com/image_gallery.htm
I'm sure Brian could get some really really good ideas! Just check out the wedding stuff!! SO SO SO AWFUL I want to cry for the poor people who rented this guy! Tell me what you think!

Angie said...

you had me laughing out loud