31 July 2010

boys of summer, part one: the little guy

about a month ago
we were driving down the road
to & fro
going where ever we were going
& Q said
'do you know what i would like?
i would like to have a day
with just you & me
& we go & do things that we want to do
with just you & me
& no miss m!'
(he said her actual name, of course :)

& so every few days he would say
'when are we going to have OUR day?'
& i would say
'we need to plan it, don't we?'
& i felt so bad
we have just been doing
fun summer thing after fun summer thing
(i didn't feel bad about that :)
& he just kept asking...
i mean what mom of more than one kiddo
doesn't want to hang out with just one kiddo
for a whole day?
especially when they want to, too!

& so
friday we got to have our day!

he got to choose everything we did
the only boundaries were price
(i had to pre-approve)
& distance
(i nixed legoland
especially since we are heading there soon for real :)

first he had his last swimming lesson...
then Q wanted to go to a movie
& so we headed to a movie
but first lunch:

me: what would you like for lunch?
you can get anything you want.
Q: bacon.
me: like on a sandwich?
Q: no, just bacon.
me: anything else?
Q: turkey.
me: like on a sandwich?
Q: just turkey. well, i guess it could be on a sandwich...

ha ha!
so we got turkey sandwiches
with a side of bacon...
don't you just love him?

we also got candy for the movie
('mom. can i get THIS, too?'
'wow, i thought you would say no...'

we went & saw
'how to train your dragon'
he had already seen it but
after i read him the list of what was playing
that's what he wanted to see
so we did...
i hadn't seen it
& i loved it!
what a wonderful movie...
& during the scary parts
Q reassured me
that everything would be fine...
too sweet.

after the movie we hit the photo booth
(surprise! surprise!)
2 actually
the black & white one was
crazy close-up...

he had mentioned dinosaur bones earlier
& so i suggested the natural history museum
& there we went...
sadly it was closed for remodeling
(but we got a ticket for free entrance when it reopens...cool!)

it was 3ish & Q was starting to fade
so i mentioned that we might
sit on the grass & rest...

he suggested that i sit on the grass
by the truck (that we had driven)
& read my book
while he climbed in the back of the truck
& built a little living room
with brian's stash of wood...

he totally re-energizes by (semi) alone time
to make stuff...
why does that sound familiar?

then it was time to head home
but not before some ice cream...
had to end on sugar :)

this kid just kills me
he is so sweet
& such a rough & tumble guy...
when he talks he has something to say
& i'm really happy that i got to hear him
(just him) today...
i am so glad he is my boy


Kelly said...

Good for you guys!!! Sounds like a great time. And with such a stud!!! We love you Mr. Q and Ms. Em.

jmbmommy said...

That boy of yours is a keeper, so grown up now! I even saw him in pants today! Glad you had fun together.

Anonymous said...

AHhh...what a great mom! Special memories! Janna