05 July 2010

a grand old flag...

i hope you all had a good holiday weekend
(if you are 4th of july celebrator :)
i guess your celebration is still going on if you are
a government worker :)

we had a great one...
brian pr-ed in our city's annual 10k
we swam
we played with cousins & friends
we ate good food
the boys stayed up late to watch fireworks
(the girls went to bed :)
& i hope i will get to share photos with you soon...
(it all depends on how i decide to spend
10pm...asleep or online?

as far as this little artist's flag goes...
about 10 minutes before we were
supposed to leave the house to cheer brian on
Q ran to the art closet
'i need tape!
i need a stick!'
& away he went...
he comes by this so naturally
because that's exactly how i work
10 minutes before a baby shower:
'i need a button to finish the present!
i need a flower to make a barrette for my hair!'

last minute art is sometimes the best art...


Mrs.Kate.W said...

Love that kid!!
It was great to see all of you!!!

jmbmommy said...

Awesome flag!!! I love the quote, I can see you saying that about a barrette, you crazy kid!