08 July 2010

just a small town girl...

i am loving 'glee'
& i just had to
make something
reflective of that love :)

if you're not sure what i'm talking about
take a listen:
(& a look :)
(i know glee is bumping into my tweets
but i don't know how to fix that
right now
& there are elves clamoring for cereal
i think they can just be cozy friends today...)

you can see this little artsie piece
& others that i have made
over here on my etsy site
(& while you're at it browse around...
there's a lot of great stuff
around 'the etsy' :)


m i c h e l l e said...

I am SOOOOO in love with Glee! I listen to it non-stop! I love how there is so much intention (and emotion!) with each song!

Jeanneoli said...

I LOVE Glee...seriously...I may have an addiction!!!! I just watched the video and smiled the whole time and kind of wanted to join the glee club:-)

Anonymous said...

Last week I worked in a kitchen at Camp Lutherwod, and whenever it was my turn to play my ipod, I playing Don't Stop Believing, Glee Cast version. Among some other Glee songs...
Love it Em!