24 July 2010

when i was young...

this girl was tiny...
running around our church
just like, being a little girl...
eventually her dad was my high school pastor
& look at her now!
she's making videos
& cds
& doing the ONE project
(like bono!)
(click here to see that video)

& this video is so super cool...
so pretty...
& so creative...
& the song is gooood...

i love the line
'the more you live
the more you see
that people hurt when
they don't know what they need'

thanks anna...
fun to see you growing up :)

anna gilbert on
itunes (just type in anna gibert...
i can't figure out how to link to it
without linking you to my itunes
& while it would be loads of fun
to treat you all to some of anna's music
we are planning a trip to legoland
& i'm not sure Q would understand...)



Anonymous said...
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Shelley said...

Love her song! How exciting for you know her! Thanx for sharing.