01 August 2010

boys of summer, part two: an older man

our anniversary is today
but we got celebrate on friday night
which worked out better for a myriad of reasons
that i don't need to list here...
i'll just say that it's always best to go with
the grandparents schedule
& when you know a sad anniversary
is also on the horizon
celebrating a good one first is nice
(cryptic enough?)

on friday morning
we weren't sure what we were going to do
& i said
'if you plan something, i will do it...
i'll follow you anywhere'
which sounds very jane austen
& is true, to be sure
but underneath the true
was the fact that i just didn't want to
try to figure it out
(especially because i had quite a big day ahead of me
with another guy, even :)
but it was no problem for MR. G!
which could stand for our actual last name
or for mr. google
because he was on it...
& he didn't even tell me what we were doing
until we were driving there
(big for him
he likes to spill the beans :)

first apps & drinks & good conversation
at steelhead
then a walk across the street for dinner & a movie
at the david minor theater

this movie house
has two theaters
one is (relatively) traditional
with rows of seats
the other has couches & comfy chairs...
i had only been in the row-y theater before
so it was fun to snuggle up on a couch for a movie
this time....
from the list in this picture
what do you imagine we saw?

that picture makes me laugh...
mr. high powered 5th grade teacher
can't even get off the phone to
pose for a photo with his wife...
so sad.
ha ha :)
of course i love that detail
& the blurriness
& the tilt
& everything else that makes it
very real...
very us :)

we also stopped in at barnes & noble where
i was presented with a gift card
(he does know me well :)
to use however i saw fit...
& then we headed home...
(screen fades to black)


(of course)
we have a song...
our song
which i have documented
very well
here & here
(& probably a few other places)
but this one has become a new favorite
in the past few months...
an 'our song' runner up, if you will
should the first be unable to perform it's duties...

i could only find a coffee shop video performance of it
but i think that fits us pretty well, too :)

i love you, brian!
twelve down, forever to go :)


Anna said...

happy (belated) anniversary emily! i remember your wedding with great fondness and joy!

jmbmommy said...

HAPPY DAY! We went to DMT on Thursday for a date... it was fun and funny, just like us and just like you and Mr. G! Here's 2 fo-eva!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the photo! Janna