27 July 2010

summer 2010: jump in...

it's more than halfway over...

summer, that is...

(i don't know if that's technically correct

but i know teachers report back in 5 weeks

& that's when summer's over for me :)

is there anything you've been meaning to do?

anything that's just itching to be done this summer?

what are you waiting for?

jump in!



Anonymous said...

No, no, summer has 5 more weeks. It ain't over
til the school bus is at the corner and the Christmas
sales start. (what's that you say, the Christmas sales have already started? Bummer)

Anonymous said...
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jmbmommy said...

I am waiting to see you guys...well, we saw the rest of your family today. The boys were OVER the moon to see Q, he is sort of a celebrity at our house. But we would like to see more and you too!