19 July 2010

a sense of wonder: july 2010

the table saw
homemade knock-knock jokes
vbs songs in 4-year-old melody (& from 4-year-old memory)


the heavenly combination
& little kid sweat.
i always love to smell my elves heads
but the summer is my favorite...


girls weekend
in sunriver...
enough said?

watching: the bachelorette
enough to stop watching?
not on your rose accepting life...

zach efron in instyle magazine:
"I'm big on knit sweaters right now.
Life After Denim has neat ones.
And I love vintage clothes-
things that have been on
an adventure prior to me owning them"

neat & adventure in one comment?!
from a 22 year old cutie?
come! on!

those elves grow up
before my very eyes...

touching: the steering wheel
(i've been driving around a lot)

feeling: excited for barnhouse...
wanna come?
check it out!

***extra sense*****

saying: thank you
to everyone who commented
on facebook
& to me in person
about my
cheap (ahem) inexpensive pretty shirts post!
i loved doing it
& i might just have to make it a monthly thing:
11 awesome necklaces under $9!
8 fun flip-flops under $5!
6 cute toothpicks under $2!
the possibilities are endless!
(your attention span might be less so
if i resort to toothpicks though...)


you know i couldn't not
google 'cute toothpicks'
& there were no less than 1,190,000 results
& what do think i found:
adorable on a stick from who else?

(image from marthastewartweddings.com)



Anonymous said...

I am so excited to see what you find.
Loved the tops. Why can't I find things like that?
Come with me when I shop.

Kambria said...

hey little lady....going to barn house with my mama. i will look for you! :)

Anonymous said...