15 July 2010

real, real simple...

i get daily emails from real simple magazine
& i really enjoy them
but yesterday i got one titled
'10 Pretty Shirts Under $80'

& i just had to laugh...
i mean i love a list
but it might as well be
'10 Pretty Shirts Under $8000'
as far as my pretty shirt budget goes...
& so after voicing my 'concerns' on facebook
i decided to challenge myself to find
'10 Pretty Shirts Under $8'
yep $8.
& boy was it fun!
i love doing research like that
(doesn't everyone? :)

& so with no further words from me
i give you

10 Pretty Shirts Under $8

Surplice Halter Top
Newport News

Polka Dot Tee
Forever 21

Love Culture


Eyelet Lace Tank

American Eagle


& a little more
a little more...

Ruffled Cap Sleeve Top
Charlotte Russe

American Eagle

east5th Square-neck Corsage Blouse
(plus size)

was that fun or what?

i was pretty impressed with what was out there
for not much money...
i hope you're finding some great deals
& pretty things...


the original article
'10 Pretty Shirts Under $80'
really does have some cute shirts in it...
super inspiring
for a little discount shopping shopping :)


joanna said...

i always have to laugh when they say under $80 is affordable! for who??? rich people? anyways, i LOVE the shirts you found!

feathermar said...

Target and JC Penney are places I am always finding great things. I feel like Penneys is always having a sale, and it's almost as if they are paying ME to take stuff!
I like all of your choices!

The Glender House said...

AMEN! I, too, laugh at these "bargains" in magazines. Don't they know I have to pay for food and stuff? Land's End is having a great sale on cute basic tanks and tees ($4.99) and my catalog says free shipping!