20 September 2006

the hills are alive….

i love music
& thanks to me
my children will have quite a variety of it
in their musical memory…
ABBA to veggie tales:)

& may i also say that ipods rock?
we were given one by a kind benefactor
who can’t resist new, fun electronics
(love you dad!)
he bought a nano
& we inherited the little white machine of tunes…
for a mixed tape lover like me
this is heaven
& no hitting rewind
then play
then rewind
then play
then fast forward
i hit one button
& i’m back to the beginning of dancing queen just like that
& if i want to listen to knarls barkley
over & over & over
i can.
this is love…

so here are my favorites right now…
(i want to emphasize RIGHT NOW
(that is why i capitalized it:)
these are not my favorites of all time
(so don't go freaking out that there's no mj or whatever:)
just on my playlist at the moment
best songs of all time?
that is another day….)

‘we’re all in this together’
high school musical

this song is stuck in my head all day
& i love it
i haven’t seen the movie yet
but it’s in my queue at netfilx…
can’t wait:)


great lyrics
great message
great beat
try to,listen to this without
it is absolutely addicting
& after you’ve listened to it 20,000 times
you just feel so cool…
rolling down the street…
radio blasting…
two carseats in the back seat…

john mayer

i loved this song before i had a daughter
forget it…
can’t even make it through without a hankie…

ps i will listen to anything john mayer wants to sing..
phone book?
grocery list?
crime & punishment?
bring it on.

pps anyone heard his newest album?
want it…

i guess that’s why they call it the blues
elton john

always a forbidden song in my mind
(the ‘rolling like thunder,
under the covers’ line)
but i love it
& i’ll sing it loud too
watch out…

such great heights
the postal service

‘i’m thinking it’s a sign
that the freckles
in our eyes are mirror images
& when we kiss they’re perfectly aligned’

come on…
one of the best first lines ever


not a recognizable sentence in the whole song
but i can’t take it off my
‘em’s listening to…’ playlist
it’s just too good

ben harper

‘give me your forever
please your forever
& not a day less will do
from you’

wish wish wish
i had known this song when we got married

ain’t no other man
christina aguilera

‘do your thing honey!’
never heard anything like her voice
& this song is just the cutest thing
in a bad-ass way:)

mama mia

this is just a crazy song
& a crazy band
& just one of the best things ever

‘mama mia
here i go again…’

justin timberlake

since i heard ‘rock your body’
a few years ago (4 to be precise)
i have just loved him…
downloaded this today
but i can already tell it’s going to get heavy rotation
sweet potatoe pie
ray charles & james taylor

i don't even know what to write
a few years ago at the grammy's john mayer
introduced james taylor
'& now, the blueprint'
i love jt
& this duet is just awesome

& as my dear friend theresa said one time
'when i was growing up it went
james taylor'

just like heaven
the cure

high school
ahhh high school
some songs take you back…
yep that would be this song

‘i’ll run away with you…’

so go ahead tell me
what’s got you singing in the shower?



jmbmommy said...

I, too, can't get enough of the Justin T. I feel like I am too old, but how can you not groove to all his dirty little songs....that is my little secret!

Angie said...

KT Tunstall.... ever since that montage in the Devil Wears Prada movie, I have been singing "Suddenly I See" ... and the whole album is just as good! She's my right now favorite girl singer.

Grandma Betty said...

Whoa, I'm clear out of touch. Never heard of most
of those musicians. I'm still listening to Kenny
Rogers, Barry Manilou, John Denver and of course
all of the Gaither Homecoming things. If you
haven't heard them - come over and I'll play them
for you girls.

Jamie said...

I have to say that I am loving Sonya Kitchell and the new Chili Peppers! I didn't think I liked JT's Sexyback when I first heard it, but then I saw my finalists dance to it on So You Think You Can Dance and I was totally hooked! Em, I like your mix! I think if we were still roommates that we would still share lots of music...My favorite HSM song is Breaking Free. I love it, love it, love it!

And Grandma Betty, I'm right there with you on your choices too! :)

Anna said...

I am personally thrilled you included ABBA on your list...my all time favorite band! This is a fun list! It inspires me to listen to more than my kids CD's! I swear, if I hear "The Insy, Winsy Spider" one more time... :)