21 September 2006

there's a pattern here somewhere...

we laugh
& talk
for hours
& everything

cheerleader barbie
& plus size nancy drew
post quarter life crisis
nothing unsaid
nothing held back
everything real
everything love

& comments
feel happy
feel history
feel better
feel cuter

& kids
true love
true challenge
true life

& future
mom’s daughters
daughter’s moms

& cute cake
2 bar stools
6 years past 26
& $20 each
everlasting friendship

i love you, gwenie
(with a heart over the i)



Grandma Betty said...

What fun to get together with Gwen.
I remember when you two were in high school
and I foolishly bragged that I could get her a
date with - well, you know who.
I'm so glad you still are such close friends.

Holly Hobbie Wendy :) said...

GWEN?!?! Like, gwen, gwen???? Wow! She looks so different I did not even recognize her!!! I was just doing a quick browse through here and caught the name at the end and I about fell off my chair! That's so nice that you are still in touch with her...tell her I said hello next time you talk!

gwen said...

emily, you are so sweet and such a wonderful, beautiful and talented friend! i love what you wrote and you always make me laugh. i especially like the "cute cake". b.t.w. nancy drew is way smarter than barbie...we are a good pair! hi wendy and betty, it was fun reading everyones comments. i love you em!!