26 September 2006

happy happy...things that make me so very happy...

this weekend
just me & my girl
got to rona’s house
new john mayer cd on the bed
(early christmas present she says:)
what a cool mother-in-law!
love her…

saw kate’s wedding dress
oh so beautiful
i had that moment
when you first see the bride
& everything just stands still
it is so perfect
it is just so her.

funny funny bachelorette party
kate was at the helm of that one
monica is marrying a boy named jack
so everything she had to do was jack related
‘split a jack & coke with a stranger’
‘find 2 people to do jumping jacks with’
‘have a cracker jack eating contest with someone’
‘have someone act out ‘jack & jill’ with you while reciting it’
(the guy she did this one with was very good
he even fell down & broke his crown!)
it was great
& monica was totally game:)

fun hanging out with my friend emily
(she’s emily anna:)
when we were in high school
people would call us ‘the emilys’
& we would say
‘emily & emily, we are each individual human beings’
that is exactly the kind of smarty pants girls we were
& as it turns out
still are…

miss m got to spend time with her grandma alone
i think that might be a rare occurrence
just because we usually go up there all four together
so i was so glad that they got to hang out
& rona got to know her 3rd granddaughter:)

10:30 service at southlake
(i love that church)
a stop at my favorite scrapbook store
on the way home
to complete a lovely weekend
girlie all the way:)

...20 minute makeover...
my new thing…
i put both kids down for a nap
set the timer for 20 minutes
then clean up all i can in that amount of time
when the timer goes off i’m done
& free to do what i want
any old time:)
it has been so good for me
i can now blog & surf with no guilt
cause i already did my 20 minute clean up
i love this
it fits me just right:)

...grey’s anatomy...
a tv show that makes you
want to download music

all in one episode?
that is my kind of show…

‘i want to see my liver’
after asking ‘what?’ 12 times
i finally realize he wants to drive over
& see ‘his’ RIVER again
i am half disappointed, half relieved
‘my two year old KNOWS what his liver is?!?’
(i always knew he was advanced)
‘my two year old wants to SEE his liver?!?’

brian brings home
new colors
every time
a rainbow to choose from
a charmed life i do lead…

...prison break...

...oregon/oklahoma game...
don’t care if it’s fake win
a win is a win
(that’s what fake winners always say:)
& it was so fun & crazy
we were hugging everyone around us
toby keith was there
& i saw him
he’s a country singer
& a oklahoma fan
poor toby keith

...hershey’s caramel kisses...
big trouble

...the jiggles...
a song
(not a description of my tummy
well, actually it is a description of my tummy
but not what i am about to talk about here
& everybody said 'phew!')
by bradley whitford (of 'the west wing' & 'studio 60')
& jane kasmerick (of 'malcom in the middle')
they are married
& this song is great
if you have itunes & a child
this is a must have.
it'll be in your head for days
& yet you won't care...

...clean closet...
happy mommy:)

what’s making you oh so happy today?



jmbmommy said...

Happy things:

playdates for Threes...less work for me!

New taj mahjal (sp?) fridge... it keeps things cold! (But now the rest of my kitchen looks shabby)

New washer (it has been a housewife's wonderland around here!)

Em's blog...funny and sweet

Kel said...

three boys (O, H, and cousin W) all asleep at the same time!

the yummy smell of the mint fields being harvested (sure beats the smell of the sugar beat factory- YUK!)

Studio 60 (I can tell this one is going to be an addiction)

Getting emails from my sister away at college

Best friend R just got engaged!!!

Dear Husband cleaned my car out for me

Coffee with my girls last night

I have the best friends in the whole world- that makes me happy


Happy things:
see my blog...I am stealing your idea

Left Coast Sister said...

Happy things:
My DH coming home tomorrow night
A great 48 hrs with the chillens
My oh-so-growed up preschoolian saying "you can go now" at the door of preschool
A baby who's been going ot sleep rather easily
And I love the 20-minute makeover idea. I'm stealing that one. (which is a silly statement, because even if I do it, it doesn't mean I've stole it and you can't do it too.)

prrrof said...

living somewhere where I have to put on my sunglasses to drive to work more often than not

hearing #2 run to grandpa with delight, calling, "pah-ga!"

a husband who makes things. Like granola.

great colleagues

being able to relearn tiny tidbits about someone who I kinda, sorta knew a long, long time ago throug this blog.

Jamie said...

First of all, "kel" MUST live in Southern Idaho--cause I grew up with the smell of mint and the sugar beet factory as my backdrop! Ahh, the mint fields...

Second of all, the fact that you've made me stop and take stock of the things that make me so very happy (baby M kicking like crazy in my ever-growing belly, my husband talking oh so passionately to kicking baby M in my belly, electronically organizing my bills and actually being able to pay them on time, yes, yes Grey's Anatomy!-- and taking down all of my fall decorations from the attic)tells me that you must never ever stray from this calling of yours to blog. It just makes too many of us oh-so very happy! :) Love you, Em!