18 September 2006

i'll be more light hearted...tomorrow...:)

‘We often fantasize about the perfect day- something exotic & far away. But when it comes to those we miss, we desperately want one more familiar meal, even one more argument. What does this teach us? That the ordinary is precious. That the normal day is a treasure.’ Mitch Albom

this was in the parade section of the sunday paper
an article written by the guy who wrote tuesdays with morrie
it was about what you would do
if you had one more day
with someone who died

& of course it made me think of my mom
but beyond that
it made me think of my kids
& that every day does not have to be disneyland
or even the enchanted forest:)

that every little thing we do can be a little treasured memory
(hopefully the mommy mess ups become little forgotten memories:)
this is practically my friend ali’s scrapbooking mantra
she does pages all about ordinary days
& simple things.
one time she did a layout about
what everyone in her house was doing
on a random day at 10am…
what an awesome little slice of life
that her family will love to look back on…

& you don’t have to be a scrapbooker to do it
thanks to that sweet little magazine
that i love to mention
i have started a little memory jar
whenever Q says something great,
fall over laughing hilarious,
or just does something i never want to forget
i write it on a random piece of paper
date it
& put it on a jar above the fridge.
no frills
just throw it in there.
no pressure.
but later on
maybe even in a few months
taking those out
& reading them is going to be so fun
a little snapshot of who he was at that time…
(& miss m will have her own soon, too:)

i want to remember
& i want them to remember…


oh & just in case you’re wondering…
we would go for a jog
(slowly because i’m just starting up again)
get starbucks
(i’d take her to the drive through one
that she would have no doubt been a regular at;)
eat a cookie
shop at nordstrom
watch tootsie
go to zenon for salad & dessert
& introduce her to her grandbabies…
a very good day.



Grandma Betty said...

I read the article too.
It would take a large room if I were allowed to
spend a day talking to those I would choose.
One was impossible to settle on. I want them
Keep those pieces of paper and soon Merra will
be giving you treasures to add too.

Angie said...

Thanks for posting this, Emily.

Oh, and I love your jar idea.

Left Coast Sister said...

I'm starting a jar today. Right now. As soon as I can find one without mayonaisse or peanut butter in it.

prrrof said...

Your post made me cry. Thanks for writing it. We ended up having a little conversation at our house about what we'd do with one more day with X, Y, Z...so many bittersweetnesses in life.

Anonymous said...

I finally read your blog and for some odd reason, I decided started at the bottom. I cried and then read it to JP and cried some more. Thanks for the memories and the great idea.