11 September 2006

another one of those serious ones...

i just didn’t want this day to pass
without saying something
i really don’t know what to say, though

i was thinking about it
& all of the people who lost family members way too soon
& hey, i’ve had experience with that
& how certain things just hit you at strange times

like walking through target
& seeing a red sweater for sale
& thinking
‘that would have looked so cute on my mom’

that is normal
& it’s good too
good to remember

but when i think about
all of the footage
& seeing the planes hit over & over
i just ache
for the people who had loved ones die
how would i feel if i could just randomly turn on the tv
& see my mom’s car crash?
i would feel like i was in hell...

so today
as i remember
what happened
on septemeber 11, 2001
i’m also going to say a prayer
for the friends & loved ones
for strength
& good memories
& more happy times to come
& permission to keep the tv off…

& god bless you, too…
what ever you’re going through today
big or small
you are loved



Ditto! I have tried three times to write something profound but you said it so well...My heart is heavy for all of them!

Left Coast Sister said...

Well said. I hadn't thought of it with your perspective... Sept. 11 must be an amazingly difficult day for so many people, esp when those images may be all they have left of their loved one...

Jamie said...

September 11th is also my dad's birthday, and he died suddenly of a heart attack almost 2 years ago...I remember him being sad about the fact that such a terrible event took place on his birthday--but now I keep thinking that it will never allow me to forget it! :( Sad times.