15 September 2006


we had rough midmorning…
by this i mean to say between the hours of 10:30 & 12:30
i wanted to be anywhere but with my dear sweet children
i would have gladly pitched a tent
in the sock section at fred meyer the day after thanksgiving…
at least someone maybe would have acknowledged my existence
even if was just to kick me on their way to a pack of tube socks

many things happened
which i will not recount here
because some day i would like you to read this blog again
& not because you are interested in hours of SAHM complaining:)

on the way home from
breaking up countless
‘that’s mine!’s at play group
& not going to soccer
& not having lunch with my sister
i was feeling pretty icko
it started to rain
& it rained
& rained
it rained so hard

every time it rains like that
i think of lloyd dobbler in ‘say anything’
after she gives him the pen
he’s sitting in his car
& it’s pouring rain
& he says
‘the rain is a baptism…
the new me…
power lloyd!’

& though, to the disappointment of many
i am not going to start referring to myself as ‘power lloyd’
i did let those drops
help me
& i felt better
& when we got home
we ran from the car
through the rain
laughing all the way
& when we got inside we were drenched
& we laughed some more…

& we started over again
& this part of the day?
not so rough…



Left Coast Sister said...

Maybe there's something in the air! The sock section of Fred Meyer? You crack me up! I think kids can sense when we're on our last nerve and they find just the right button to push! I'm so glad you know how to make lemonade out of lemons... I need to learn that!

Grandma Betty said...

Been in that spot too but I never thought of the
sock section of Fred Meyer.
I wanted to hide in the toy department of the old
downtown Portland Meier & Frank at Christmas
time. What wonderful fantasies. Always enjoy the
rainbows when they come.