29 April 2010

when the moon hits your eye...

when my sister & i were in middle & high school
for almost every birthday we would
have slumber parties & watch movies
(always including the original 'parent trap')
(kate, click that link! :)
& my mom & dad would make pizza
from scratch...
on a rectangular cookie sheet...
it's funny that a square piece of pizza
will send me back to those days on the farm...
i should have some old fashioned fiddle music
going for this post...)

at our house now
every thursday night the elves have pizza
(sometimes they help make it,
sometimes i say
'i'm almost done,
you can help next time!'
even if i'm not almost done...)
& then we put them to bed
& watch 'survivor' while our dinner cooks
(& then we send the elves to bed again)
& usually by the immunity challenge
brian & i are cutting into our calzone...
& every thursday night he says
'i think this is the best one yet'

we call it our 'at home date night'
& while a real actual date would hopefully
find us talking to each other face to face
this is one of my favorite traditions...
(i like it much better than watching
'silence of the lambs' on thanksgiving...
that one only lasted two years)

& i hope that in 10 years when the elves have their own blogs
(or whatever media they will
have to record bits of their lives)
they will have at least one post that starts out
'every thursday night my mom makes pizza
(& sometimes she let's me help)'


ps hmmm
you would think i would have a picture of
pizza or calzone wouldn't you?
this post started out as 'wonder finds'
about all of the shoes i have
scored in the last couple of months...
but then i saw that flour on the floor
& my brain went a different direction...

pps those slippers were $4.99 at goodwill...
the inside is so cozy
& the sole is like a real shoe
so i can wear them to take out the recycling
or chase a child down the street
(not that i know anything about that...)
i had been wanting slippers for ages
& couldn't justify spending $16.99 plus shipping
for the ones i really wanted
knowing that they would just end up
with flour & paint all over them...
as it was i debated about the $4.99 for a while...
(i know! dork!
but when most of your shoes cost $3.50
that $1.49 is a big jump!)
in the end i decided it was worth it...
treated myself to $5 slippers...
lap of luxury i tell you...

i do love them, though...



Mrs.Kate.W said...

Oh memories!!!
Square Pizza totally tastes better! We had a similar Friday night tradition until we realized my Gluten intolerance and Ryan's dairy problems made Pizza night uncomfortable.

PS...Did you forget you have a sister who is an Avon rep...what color slippers???

emily ruth said...

i didn't forget :)
but that's your job!
i'm not going to ask you for a discount or to buy me something...
i love the slippers i have!
i do!

Emily said...

This post made me so happy! I love family traditions! Thanks for sharing yours!

jmbmommy said...

I got to have that special square pizza...delicious! You are a good egg. You sisters are so funny.

Anonymous said...
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rubswanted said...

I totally agree about the square pizza! Less crust :)