16 April 2010

holy yummmm...

holy doughnuts
1437 willamette alley, eugene

organic & dairy & egg free
fully yum :)

a friend & i have been planning a doughnut date for weeks
but things just keep happening
so we have to reschedule
but this week is just couldn't stand it anymore!
i needed to go get one (or two :)
if you are a eugenie
you should go try these yumms for sure...
they are as good as regular doughnuts
but they have a wonderful healthy taste
& they are cuter & better for you...

definitely a religious experience :)

& the day that i visited holy doughnuts
there was an article in the food section of our paper
about how the world famous voodoo doughnuts is
opening a shop in downtown eugene...
it's just a sweet little doughnut world...

doughnuts & cupcakes, right?
bite size bliss...



Mrs.Kate.W said...

Holy YUMMM!!! Would like them to move in next to my work!!

Holy Donuts! said...

Hey Thanks for the mention, Emily! :) You took such great photographs!!

Mrs. Kate.W. If you live in Eugene, you can find us at your local coffee shop or kiosk and even natural food store! Check our facebook fan page for our locations! :)

Anonymous said...

I own the mailbox shop in front of Holyt Donuts--they have added to my bottom line in more ways than one. -darren