11 April 2010

not so complicated...

yesterday i was getting that feeling
you know that one?
the one where if you don't
get a little time to yourself
your family will find you curled up in a ball
on your closet floor muttering
'self contained underwater breathing apparatus'
thankfully brian recognizes that look in my eye
(& i say 'i need to go away for a bit')

& so off i went to see 'it's complicated' at the $2 theater...
there were other movies there that i would really like to see
'the blind side'
'a single man'
'alvin & the chipmunks: the squeakquel'
(ha ha. no.)
but sometimes you just need a movie that you know
is going to be funny & pretty & end up nice...

i needed that formula:

1-they meet
(or have known each other for a while
but are 'just seeing each other in that way for the first time'
or again)

2-things are grand!

a) a letter or technology
(emma, little black book, you've got mail, etc)
b) business
(you've got mail (again), sweet home alabama, etc)
c) inexplicable time travel, usually starring incredibly adorable people
& featuring a number in the title (or jennifer garner)
(13 going on 30, 17 again, ghosts of girlfriends past etc)
d) another person (who is probably not even involved at all
but one person assumes they are involved but doesn't ask if
they really are involved)
(every other romantic comedy ever made)

4-oh dear! many misunderstandings ensue

5-no one talks through the misunderstandings

6-crying & drinking wine with friends

7-'okay, i'll listen, but just this once'

8-sweet things are said & done

9-a great song is played

10- i walk out of the theater happy to have lost myself in
someone else's life for two hours...

& that is just what happened...
plus it was a truly funny movie!
i laughed out loud
which is always a plus...

& i appreciated that the people involved
in the relationship were not so young
(& i don't mean old :)
i mean not in their 20's or 30's...or 40's)
i liked that meryl streep's character
already had her career figured out
(& what a career it was!
she owned an amazing bakery & shop...
so great!)
& her kids were grown up
(the most clean & scrubbed noxema bunch you've ever seen)
& she had good friends...

& alec baldwin!
i know he might be horrible in real life
but he has just played the best characters lately
(we love 30 rock)
i can like who he pretends to be without liking him, right?

& of course steve martin...
we had 'roxanne' taped off of tv
when i was in middle school
& we watched it so much...
love that guy...

have i sufficiently plugged this movie?
i'm beginning to wonder:
was the movie that good
or did i just need some time
to escape into movieland that super badly?
a little bit of both i suspect...
a little bit of both...

ps i would be remiss if i didn't mention
john krasinski
(jim from 'the office')
he was great in the movie, too...
it really was a good movie :)

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Jeanneoli said...

I loved the movie too. I laughed really hard.