21 April 2010

6 is a magic number...

he's got big plans
& he'll tell you all about them
you have a few minutes
(big plans take a little while to explain)

he can get you through xbox lego star wars
every level
every room
(& he does it while humming the star wars soundtrack...
actually, he does everything while
humming the star wars soundtrack...
no, really. he does.)

he runs
& runs
& runs
& runs
& runs

he's got opinions
(& he says 'that's MY opinion')
one of them is about getting his picture taken

he's working on
being more patient with his sister,
looking at adult's eyes when he talks to them,
& not complaining about chores,
('i'm the only one who ever has to do anything!'

he's fearless
about height
& speed
(& taking the ball away from whoever has it)

he's a builder boy...
give him a new set of legos
& he's gone for the next couple of hours
(following those cool lego direction books)
give him a box of random lego pieces
& he will come up with a super amazing creation

he's sweet
& kind
& cuddles up with his mom
& says
'you're my favorite girl'

happy birthday mr. Q!
i'm so glad you were born...
you're my favorite boy


m i c h e l l e said...

Such a wonderful post and a loving tribute to your favorite boy!!!

Big hugs,

Mrs.Kate.W said...

I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday! He has grown into such an amazing little boy I can't wait to watch the next 6 years!!

Barbara Jean said...

can't believe how much he's grown since i saw him list.
kids do tha i guess. =)

hugs and blessings,

Barbara Jean