22 April 2010

house party....

oh, i've been having so much fun
playing around with my little houses

& clipping great old pictures
into my clip frame mash ups
(that's what i'm calling them...
with a little shout out to glee :)

come by my etsy shop
& see what else i've been working on
(you can click on any of the links in this post
or on my etsy pictures on the sidebar
at the right over there)

i wish i could invite you in to these little places for
orange juice & dark chocolate covered raisins
(that's what i've been snacking on lately
at my art table :)
& we could chat
& watch the finale of project runway on my
tiny tv made of a postage stamp
(i'm a seth aaron fan, for sure)

i hope you're getting some time to be creative
& doing whatever makes you feel like YOU


jmbmommy said...

go SA go SA!!! NO E. Sosa! Love the stuff!

Celeste said...

Hi Emily,
Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. I love yours! It's so welcoming! Love your sermon sketches too!