02 April 2010

not so foolish...

when a five year old boy says
'i have a great idea for an april fools joke for daddy'
construction paper flowers are not exactly what come to mind
but that's what my five year old boy
came up with yesterday about an hour before
brian got home...

& so out came the paper & scissors & tape
lots & lots of tape
& then the planting...

& the reveal!
(i love that you can tell that he's in the 'fool' part
of saying 'april fools!')

perfect reaction!
(the joke was that when brian got home
Q told him that we planted flowers
& then when he went to see them
'april fools!')

i love that five year old brain...


jmbmommy said...

just perfect! I got "fooled" by looking for a beehive in the front yard! Happy April fool's day!

Kelly said...

perfect and precious and totally one of the best memories ever!

Sarah said...

that is waaaay super cute!! ;)