01 February 2008

slowly wasting away...

so i decided on weight watchers because
why did i decide on weight watchers?
i had done it before the little elves came to live at our house
so i understood the points system
(which i will not explain here
emilyruthwonders.blogspot=no math)
also not too much measuring & weighing
don't get me wrong
the scale & measuring cups are on the counter
but i knew someone who did la weight loss
(my lack of caps makes that sound so french!)
& there seemed to be a lot of weighing & measuring
& i should know
because that person that i knew lives in my house
& i was doing most of the weighing & measuring...
with a smile on my face
& a song in my heart of course...

weight watchers
there are meetings
& also the new booklets they have a square
oh the joy!
remember i told you about
intro to graphic design at lane community college?
i totally judge a book by it's cover
& i totally judge a weight loss program by the shape
& design of there materials...
they really are so cute

so since starting this lo these many 9 days ago
(i think that's the second time i've used lo
in the last week
note to self: stop talking like a character in a charles dickens novel
you've never read one anyway)
so i have found a few little treats that would love to share with you
i have no idea
but you're still here reading
so i carry on...
well, you were here...

okay first up
baked lightly salted kettle chips
i really like normal kettle chips
don't you?
what is it about them?
if it was any other chips
& every third one was almost burned
i would be totally grossed out
but since they are made in a kettle
they are delicious?
go figure...
these are baked
& lightly salted
& i see by that website that they have other flavors
but not any of the crazy regular kinds...
yogurt & green onion?
sea salt & vinegar?
what kind of sick people eat those?
oh right
my husband does
& since he was on oo la la weight loss
he can have the regular ones...
anayway they are good
& two point per ounce
& for baked chips that taste good
that's great!
& every fourth one is almost burned
so that's an improvement right there!

keebler right bites 100 calorie fudge shoppe mini fudge stripes
that is their actual name
& as i typed it i reminded me of a scene from one of my favorite books
(it's a great movie too!):

Alice Wendlekin: & his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
Imogene Herdman: He'd never have gotten out of the first grade if he had to write all that

anywhoo they are delish!

also when i'm poking around the internet
i have been known to eat a peanut m&m or two
or a spoonful of cookie dough
or half a bag of caramel kisses
so obviously that had to change...
& since i discovered one day
when i looked down & the kiss bag was empty
that i really don't even taste the dumb things
why not eat something that i don't love
but need to have
& can almost kind of enjoy
as i read the theories on what lost was really about last night
(my guess: twinkies)
& so my friendship with baby carrots began
well, we are aquaintances
you really have to earn my friendship...
but this bag i got last week
as i was pulling out 10
(ten! ten equals 1 serving of baby carrots!)
i found the lovely little speciman above
you can make me eat baby carrots
but please don't make me eat baby's finger carrots
& again i say
(& for you 'love actually' fans...
i know you're out there:
'want an appetizer?'
'i know, it looks like a dead babies finger...tastes like one too'
note to all: don't google dead baby's finger...
don't do it)

by the way you really need to visit the
keebler site
it's like a little game...
i can just see some crazed dieter
'all i wanted to know was how many grams of fat are in
freaking wheatables!
& you're making me knock on a door & go through a tree?!'


ps congratulations anna!
miss jane is too sweet:)


jmbmommy said...

You are one funny chickie...on or off la la, or WW.

Anna said...

you make me laugh! the words "weight watchers" does sound a little like "big brother" doesn't it? i admire you and look forward to updates :)
and yay, we have our own little merra! i'll be looking for girl advice now.

love.boxes said...

you are so funny! (read Dickens.. he's my favorite!) I'm glad that you judge your diet program based on the hand-out because really that is the most important thing!!! :)

Jamie said...

Em, if you need WW support just let me know...I'm on it too. :) For the 12th time, I believe. It's the only program I really can be successful for life on, although I need to hurry up and start the "for life" part! Here's my first note of support: www.dwlz.com

It's the best for restaurant points!

Emilie said...

I stumbled upon your blog and am in blog heaven now...you are hilarious! I, myself, am a WW'er and have lost 30 lbs since late Sept. '07. Note: This is the 4th time I've joined, but this is the most successful venture thus far. Feel free to e-mail me for snack ideas...I'm the *queen* of snacking and have discovered many a trick or two. LOVE those 100 calorie snack packs. Have been known to eat more than one pack in a sitting, only in an emergency, though.