13 February 2008


senor valentino says
'i wish you muy love
& muy candy this valentines day'

& his sidekick
fraulein sweetie pie echos
'sehr glücklicher valentines day too!
& be safe
& watch out for chairs with broken arms rests
or you will end up with a sad looking eye like me!'
(oh dear
her first major accident...
but in comparison to her brother
who had already broken his first arm by this age
she's doing pretty good!
it's just sad to see this sweet little
blondie curlie whirlie girl
with the big bashes on her face)
(& nevermind the messy face
that is normal around here
cute & normal)

the international duo would also like to mention
that celebrating valentines day need not be complicated
just get out the
& brushes
& start painting

channeling the painting pony
is always a fun way to shake things up

then let them dry

then ask mommy to draw a heart on the back
& use the big scissors
to cut it out

draw a big Q on it
stick it in a envelope
& send it off to far off relatives...
no sweat!
i mean
no sudor!

happy hearts day my friends
tell somebody you love them tomorrow...
what the heck!
tell them today too!


i love the word varifications
that you have to do when you leave a comment
on some blogs...
truth be told i hate them
i just want to say my piece & be done
get in
get out...
oh well since they are just part of life
like laundry
(or lost being simultaneously
annoyingly confusing & deliciously addicting)
i decided to enjoy it
& try to make them be acronyms
or just see the words they accidentally form
like a few weeks ago
i got:

which naturally means
pottery barn hall of fame, sam!
& i thought of jbmommy's little guy...
good job sam!
(later i realized that a better one would have been
peanut butter hall of fame, sam
but i have bought into this consumerist culture
pb will always make me think pottery barn
just sick.)
today on someone's blog this was my
word verification:

like someone with a speech impediment wants to smooch you
so very valentinie
don't you think?



emmi said...


You are as funny as your kids are cute! Happy V-day.

Left Coast Sister said...

I fink you are sehr funny. Happy Hearts to you!


I LOVE my valentine!!!
It is very feshyl!!!

jmbmommy said...

Love you...kifu2...
Cute you, cute kids...How do we do what we do everyday??? That in itself is a miracle! Love the paint line!

Kel said...

What? Have I missed something? Word verification? I am confused. Will someone enlighten me?

Anyway, Happy VD as we like to say it!
Love you and your cute fam.