30 January 2008

rollercoaster...oo! oo! oo!

a day of high highs
& low lows
(but not really that high
or that low, really)
today is a day of dramatic dramatics
yes that's better

thought i might pull out a list of favorites right now...

tv show...
gilmore girls
i've been watching this thanks to netflix
& still am on season one
but those girls sucked me in
from the first scene
of the first episode
of the first season
loving it

learning to love you more
i have an amazon wish list
& a lot of people who got me gifts used it this christmas
(thanks guys i loved them all!)
including my step-brother, wes
but he also went out on a limb
& got me a book not on my list
though he is the best qualified person to do this
seeing as he works at amazon
(yep, he really does)
& this is such a great book!
it's made from this web site
that gives assignments each week
(or month maybe?)
& the book is different people's responses to those assignments
absolutely right up my alley
i love it!

old song that came on my ipod at a good time...
we're all in this together
from high school musical
(i know, i know
but really
watch it
& tell me it doesn't get you happy & moving...)

this is a really hard one
considering that i listen to podcasts
at least ten hours a week
(working two days a week
5-7 hours each day)
but right now
it has to be filmspotting
i love movies
& these guys are really great
funny & knowledgeable
& wonderfully geeky about movies...
& that's going to be my new screen name
wonderfully geeky

christmas present that
i got in the mail
& am still smiling about
lo these four weeks later...

this envelope

full of puzzle pieces
that made this
hello cuteness!

word that miss m says...
it's tie
between 'crackerie' (cracker)
& 'sibiyou'
(which translates to 'sit by you'
which translates to
'hey! you! come sit over here by me!
right here where i'm pointing!
hey! right now!')
sweet girl, she is...

pbs kids show...
while i do love me some
& clifford
& arthur
have you seen word girl?
it's on like every other friday at 3:52
but only when it's hailing
& a leap year
but if you can catch it it is funny
funny i tell you

weight loss program...
i have started
& in january no less
how predictable...
but i lost 4.6 pounds this week
not too shabby
now if i can just replicate that
twenty three weeks in a row...

print & pattern
you know i did take 'intro to graphic design'
at lane community college
& then i had to take algebra
& then i stopped going to lane community college...
but if i had kept going
i like to think i would have made something
that could be shown on this site
& it's updated everyday
i love it!

new addition to the Q files...
as we drove by the famous pizza place
that is full of video games & rides
& has a mouse as it's mascot
'look! it's chuckie jesus!'

blog reader...
you, of course!



love.boxes said...

That puzzle is really fun!


So cute...I don't even know where to begin. Good job!!! Love the gilmore girls!! love chucky jesus with Q! Want a Crackerie right now! Wes is always good for a book you didn't know you would love! the puzzle is so sweet!
can't remember the rest...but most of all GOOD JOB!!! keeping me on track too!

jmbmommy said...

You have been so busy...I like it all too...what is that puzzle, secret and cool, I think. You are a reshaping wizard, I am so proud. When did our little kids get so big?? We saw chuckie cheesh tonight and it was all right. Miss you friend!