22 February 2008

throw a party thursday...

last night i got to go to a super fun
creative artsy scrappy party
i helped throw it
but i got to go to it too...
24 ladies
(hi girls!)
24 cocoa daisy kits
2 cheesecakes
1 pan of brownies
1 brownie cream cheese raspberry concoction(sp?)
3 rooms of shopping
1 technique demo
& a whole lot of fun...
this is my favorite way to hang out with
my scrapbook friends these days
it's not really a class
not really a crop
just a good creative time
to do what you want
& we are planning to do more
maybe coming to a town near you...
watch out

& yes
i have no pictures
who needs pictures?
if i had a blog i might take pictures
or if i scrapbooked
or if i had a nice camera
(or four)
if only....

& last thursday
another party
a valentines day dinner
that my friends from church & i planned
& it was fu-un...
brian took pictures of all of the couples

nice sweet ones
(as pictured above:)
& funny goofy ones with props
(which you might get to see in a post to be named later
if you're nice)
& there was good food
& good conversation
& fun interviews of couples of four different generations
& a video of couples wedding pictures & pictures of them now
(oh how i wish i could share some!)
& communion together as couples
& drawings for awesome prizes
(like brake alignment at les schwab)
it was just so fun...

i love to plan parties
i love to plan them almost as much as i like to go to them
sometimes more...
when i was in college
(i love to say that
since the real truth is that i went to 1 3/4 years
to lane community college
& i took every art class available
& then there was nothing there for me
so i went to work at a gas station...
this is true
but for another day)
when i was in college
or college age we might say
for the sake of truth & justice
i lived in a house with 4 other girls
5 girls
1 bathroom
good stuff
& get this
when you put the first letters of our names
together it spelled HEART
who figured this out i have no idea
but when you're in college
& you've decided not to allow alcohol in your house
you have lots of time to think
we didn't drink so we all just sat around
pondering life.
we would throw these great parties
& one time we threw a
'dance through the decades' party
& we all dressed up from a different decade
& we decorated one wall with black & white squares
i have no idea
the 50's maybe?
though none of us where born anywhere near the 50's)
the point is this
by the time we had the wall filled
we pretty much wanted to leave the door unlocked
for our guests
& go have the grand slam breakfast at IHOP
(you can get it any time of the day you know)
but we did not
we put on our bell bottoms
or lace leggings
or belly shirts
or 'let's get physical' head bands (you rocked it rach)
or matchy jacket & short skirt combo ala clueless
& we danced like it was
& 1999
(but i think it was 1996 or something)
cause that's what you do when you plan a party
you plan it
then you go to it.
thus ends my class on how to have a party...

oh & here's a picture
of us HEART house girls
from that dancie night

& yes we are posing in the laundry room
because every other inch of our house was filled with
decade dancing college students
& not a drop of alcohol to be seen...

party on, dude
(oh, you know you would have been
disappointed if i hadn't said it...)




Party Party Party...I wish I had been old enought to come and not drink at some of our parties!

jmbmommy said...

cute, cute, cute...nice headbands ladies. I am glad that you are a fun girl...We still have a lot of 2008 left. Come over to my house, we have some streamers and a tiki lounge lantern up...we can dance, we can dance if you want to...

Anyway...fun blog party!

Left Coast Sister said...

So I really think you should be an alcohol-free party planner. (You being free of alcohol as well as the parties you would plan, not a planner of parties with free alcohol.) Anyway, you are so great, and full of energy and fun in everything you do! I wish I lived around the corner so I could go to a scrappy party with you!!!

Kel said...

Oh, how I remember the HEART house! FUn, fun memories. DOn't think I was at that party but I was at a few others.

That pic was awesome! Took me back!

Sarah said...

that's a great pic!! party on dude. Excellent. ;)

EilĂ­s said...

hey! that's my house!! :) yay. it was such a great house. :)