15 February 2008

better with milk...

so what exactly do you do when
you got home late from a valentine party
picked up your kiddos
who were still awake at 11pm
took everything in the house
put the kids to bed
exchanged valentine gifts with your husband
fell asleep
woke up with the sun
got the kids ready to take your boy to school
almost close the door
realized that you left your purse
with your keys & cel phone in your locked car
walked out to the street & flagged down a neighbor
& used her cel phone
to call for help?
what do you do then?
eat cereal on the porch while you wait
for pop-a-lock to come
of course...


Kambria said...

better there...done that!


So cute...they seem to be happy as clams! So cute...and you can hose off the step!

jmbmommy said...

I sure am glad that you had your camera with you!! That last picture is so cute!

Left Coast Sister said...

I'm with jmb... you could win a prize for that. Your kids are prizeable. Not to mention your photography skills.

Kelly Lown said...

YOur etsy goodies are too cute and creative! Good luck there!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just trying to figure out where you live...Mexico? Sunny LA? Balmy Honolulu? Has global warming heated up the NW so much that your delicious children can not only sit on the porch on a February morning, but one is wearing mere shorts and a long sleeved T???Good Heavens, I watched my daughter try to catch her own breath this morning!

Love it!

Colleen said...

Well, thank goodness you had your camera! You are adorable, truly sweet and adorable, in that totally good kind of adorable way. ♡

emmi said...

While I'll completely agree that the kiddos are adorable munching on their cereal, I must say that you are one funny lady with lots of funny. Stories that make my day because I realize that I am not the only one in the world who does silly things. I have pictures that I need to post as well, although definitely not as cute or dry.